Published by: Chris Nersinger | Reviews on the Edge

Now the mother of all monsters has touched down in the form of a Blu-ray, SteelBook special edition from Mill Creek Entertainment. Mothra has made its journey from a standard definition DVD to remastered Blu-ray format. Mill Creek has spent considerable time meticulously cleaning up every frame of this masterful tale and piece of movie magic. It has never looked better than this recent edition. The sound is top notch and the opening credits alone with its sparkling and vibrant colors are spectacular. But that is not the extent of the experience.

The effects are sharp and the sets are a treat. The release demonstrates the genius of the filmmakers. Then come the extras: the bonus material with an audio commentary, the original trailers and both the US and Japanese releases. With the Japanese providing a longer running time and a slightly different outcome, mainly apparent with the last 30 minutes of the film. So make sure you watch both versions, they are both thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining.

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