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TV Guide Spotlight - TV's Greatest Heroes & Legends


TV Guide Spotlight

TV's Greatest Heroes & Legends

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Lorne Greene, Steve McQueen, Richard Greene
Michael Landon, Chuck Connors, Clayton Moore
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102 Hours 59 Minutes
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Region 1
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Mill Creek Entertainment
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TV Guide Spotlight - TV's Greatest Heroes & Legends
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From the Golden Age of Television come these classic programs featuring heroes both real and make-believe!

This collection of DVDs will both entertain and inform your whole family. From coverage of the sea battles of WWII, to adventures in the forests of Sherwood, to the dusty trails of the Old West; these programs cover a wide range of topics and locations. You’re sure to find something of interest in this 18 DVD collection!

18 DVDs – 102 Hours and 59 Minutes!


MV52824           Victory At Sea: WWII Documentary Series 

The Complete 26 Episode Series PLUS 6 BONUS War Documentary Programs

Victory At Sea is an Emmy® and Peabody award-winning TV series chronicling naval warfare during WWII. Originally aired on NBC and developed with full cooperation from the US Navy, this 26 episode program includes 13,000 hours of wartime footage and features the major battles such as the Battle of the North Atlantic, the attack on Pearl Harbor and the Battle of Midway. Audiences faithfully watched and admired this entertaining and relevant program. 

3 DVDs – 16 hrs 37 min


MV52423           Bonanza: Adventures with the Cartwrights

Join Ben (Lorne Greene), Adam (Pernell Roberts), Hoss (Dan Blocker) and Little Joe (Michael Landon) as they rewrite the book on the western genre. These were the days where family values and the fight for justice were backed up by six-guns that always had right on their side. Included in this set are 31 memorable episodes of this 14 season television phenomenon. Also included in this 4-DVD set is a brand new, never-before-seen documentary chronicling the fascinating legacy of this landmark TV show.

EXCLUSIVE DOCUMENTARY - Brand New featurette produced exclusively for this DVD collection!

4 DVDs – 26 hrs 38 min


MV50573           TV Westerns Collection – 57 Episodes

Rediscover some of TV's favorite western heroes in this action-packed collection. Included in this classic Western DVD set are such programs as The Lone Ranger, The Rifleman, Bat Masterson, The Range Rider, The Cisco Kid, The Roy Rogers Show, Death Valley Days and The Adventures of Champion. Settle back in your favorite chair and watch some of the best stories from the Old West!

4 DVDs – 28 hrs 50 min


53212                  The Adventures of Robin Hood – The Complete First Season

This classic television series ran from 1955 to 1960, featuring the tales of Robin Hood and his band of Merry Men. Richard Greene stars as our gallant hero who fought the forces of the evil Prince John, his local official the Sheriff of Nottingham and any aristocrat or ne’er-do-well who threatened the common people and loyal subjects of King Richard. Robin and his band lived in the shelter of Sherwood Forest, fighting their foes and hoping for the day when their beloved King Richard will return from the Crusades to rule once again!

3 DVDs – 16 hrs 40 min


MV50726           Wanted: Dead or Alive – The Complete First Season

Hollywood superstar Steve McQueen (The Great Escape, Papillion, Bullitt), the King of Cool, launched his legendary career in the groundbreaking series, Wanted: Dead or Alive.

Not your typical rough-and-tumble bounty hunter of the Old West, Josh Randall (McQueen) was a consummate gentleman who always gave half - or even all - of his reward money to charity. A man of few words, Randolph let his mare's leg, an 1892 Winchester, sawed-off rifle, do most of his talking as he took on criminals, protected people in need, and battled rival bounty hunters in each exciting, pulse-pounding episode.

4 DVDs – 15 hrs 1 min