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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Collector's Tin


The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Collector's Tin

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Mystery, Television
Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce
Ian Fleming, Ronald Howard
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24 Hours 16 Minutes
No Rating
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Region 1
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Mill Creek Entertainment
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The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Collector's Tin
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A Collection Of Sherlock Classics!

The greatest mysteries of the world's most recognized sleuth!

The legacy of the investigative mastermind Sherlock Holmes has transcended through three centuries and appeared in books, television series, films and so much more. This deluxe 4 DVD collection includes 4 feature films and the entire 39 episode American television series featuring Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s master sleuth in some of his greatest mysteries and adventures.




Sherlock Holmes
(1954 - 1955) B&W Not Rated
Starring Ronald Howard, Howard Marion-Crawford
Thirty-nine specially written, thirty-minute Sherlock Holmes' televison episodes made starring Ronald Howard as Holmes and Howard Marion as Watson. They were produced by Sheldon Reynolds and filmed and scored in France. Ronald Howard was the son of the actor Leslie Howard, with whom he appeared in Pimpernel Smith. Howard Marion-Crawford is one of those rare Holmes-Watson actors. This delightful collection of adventures infuses the wonderful Holmes mysteries with fresh energy and vigor that provides hours of thrilling entertainment. Each disk is prefaced with an introduction by Christopher Lee (Lord of the Rings) who re-invigorated the role of Holmes in later features.

Disc 1

08-Oct-54 The Case of the Cunningham Heritage
25-Oct-54 The Case of Lady Beryl
01-Nov-54 The Case of the Pennsylvania Gun
08-Nov-54 The Case of the Texas Cowgirl
15-Nov-54 The Case of the Belligerent Ghost
22-Nov-54 The Case of the Shy Ballerina
29-Nov-54 The Case of the Winthrop Legend
06-Dec-54 The Case of the Blind Man's Bluff
13-Dec-54 The Case of Harry Croker
20-Dec-54 The Mother Hubbard Case
27-Dec-54 The Case of the Red Headed League
03-Jan-55 The Case of the Shoeless Engineer
10-Jan-55 The Case of the Split Ticket

Disc 2

17-Jan-55 The Case of the French Interpreter
24-Jan-55 The Case of the Singing Violin
31-Jan-55 The Case of the Greystone Inscription
07-Feb-55 The Case of the Laughing Mummy
14-Feb-55 The Case of the Thistle Killer
21-Feb-55 The Case of the Vanished Detective
28-Feb-55 The Case of the Careless Suffragette
07-Mar-55 The Case of the Reluctant Carpenter
14-Mar-55 The Case of the Deadly Prophecy
04-Apr-55 The Case of the Christmas Pudding
11-Apr-55 The Case of the Night Train Riddle
18-Apr-55 The Case of the Violent Suitor
25-Apr-55 The Case of the Baker Street Nursemaids

Disc 3

02-May-55 The Case of the Perfect Husband
09-May-55 The Case of the Jolly Hangman
16-May-55 The Case of the Impostor Mystery
23-May-55 The Case of the Eiffel Tower
30-May-55 The Case of the Exhumed Client
06-Jun-55 The Case of the Impromptu Performance
20-Jun-55 The Case of the Baker Street Bachelors
27-Jun-55 The Case of the Royal Murder
04-Jul-55 The Case of the Haunted Gainsborough
11-Jul-55 The Case of the Neurotic Detective
18-Jul-55 The Case of the Unlucky Gambler
19-Sep-55 The Case of the Diamond Tooth
17-Oct-55 The Case of the Tyrant's Daughter

Disc 4
Side A

The Sign of Four
(1932) B&W 75 Minutes Not Rated
Starring Arthur Wontner, Ian Hunter, Isla Bevan
Sherlock Holmes (Arthur Wontner) and Dr. Watson (Ian Hunter) are determined to protect Mary Morstan (Isla Bevan), a frightened young woman who is threatened by an escaped murderer. The killer is looking for a stolen fortune, and revenge on the man who stole it. Now he’s at Mary’s door and Holmes and Watson must look for answers in a freakish carnival filled with pygmies and tattooed men. When Mary is kidnapped, it becomes a desperate race against time.

The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes
(1935) B&W 75 Minutes Not Rated
Starring Arthur Wontner, Ian Fleming, Lyn Harding
Sherlock Holmes (Arthur Wontner) and Dr. Watson (Ian Fleming) travel to Birlstone Castle to unravel a mysterious murder. The trail leads to a secret American society of coal-miners called the Scowlers. As usual, that diabolical villain Professor Moriarty (Lyn Harding in fine form) is the evil instigator who has allied with an American mobster to kill a Pinkerton detective, who is trying to bring down the Scowlers.

Disc 4
Side B

Murder at the Baskervilles
(1937) B&W 71 Minutes Not Rated
Starring Ian Fleming, Arthur Wontner, Lyn Harding
Sherlock Holmes (Arthur Wontner) and Dr. Watson (Ian Fleming) are on vacation and pay a visit to Baskerville Manor, sight of one of their previous and most famous investigations. It seems that Sir Henry’s prized horse, Silver Blaze, has been stolen and the stable boy has been murdered. When the horse’s trainer turns up dead on the moors, the detective begins to suspect more fiendish schemes are at work and that his arch-enemy, Professor Moriarty (Lyn Harding), is responsible.

The Woman in Green
(1945) B&W 65 Minutes Not Rated
Starring Basil Rathbone, Nigel Bruce Hillary Brooke
Sherlock Holmes (Basil Rathbone) and his partner Dr. Watson (Nigel Bruce) are attempting to help Scotland Yard in solving a series of strange, seemingly random murders. The gory common denominator is that each young female victim has had her right forefinger severed. The investigation subsequently leads to an organization of hypnotists and a beautiful but enigmatic woman. The diabolical Professor Moriarty, despite premature reports of his execution in Montevideo, is thought to be implicated. Holmes and Moriarty face off in the climactic scene, when, briefly, it appears that our hero’s nemesis may win the day.