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The Trail West - 200 Classic Western Films


The Trail West

200 Classic Western Films
Shadow Box Collection

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Action, Drama, Western
John Wayne, Roy Rogers, Lee Van Cleef, Gene Autry
Tex Ritter, Bob Steele, James Caan, Jack Palance
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234 hr 58 min
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Region 1
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Mill Creek Entertainment
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The Trail West - 200 Classic Western Films
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Hours of Cowboy Classics!

Saddle up and prepare to hit The Trail West with 200 shotgun tales from the untamed and always wild, American frontier! Meet the legendary figures that ruled the rugged terrain with 50 DVDs locked and loaded with the loudest guns and fastest bullets you've ever seen in one collection. From barroom brawls to robberies and holdups to shoot-outs and showdowns; these Western classics contain some of the best outlaws and lawmen this side of the Mississippi! Discover the genre-defining mavericks of Western cinema that painted the town and the prairie with legendary tales from our historic American West!

Features Real and Classic Western Cinema Characters - Billy The Kid, Annie Oakley, Jesse James, The Range Busters, The Rough Riders and The Lone Ranger.
Starring Western and Hollywood Cinema Greats: John Wayne, Roy Rogers, Lee Van Cleef, Clark Gable, James Caan, Sammy Davis Jr., William Shatner, Will Rogers, Jane Russell, Ronald Reagan, Maureen O’Hara, Richard Harrison, Jack Palance, Harry Carey, Joseph Cotten, Klaus Kinski, Tex Ritter, Gene Autry, Gabby Hayes, Bob Steele and so many more!

3 Bullets for Ringo  (1966)            Gordon Mitchell

7 Hours of Gunfire  (1965)           Clyde Rogers

Abilene Town  (1946)     Randolph Scott

American Empire  (1942)              Richard Dix

Angel and the Badman  (1947)           John Wayne

Any Gun Can Play  (1967)             Edd Byrnes

Apache Blood  (1975)     Ray Danton

Arizona Days  (1937)       Tex Ritter

Arizona Stagecoach  (1942)          Ray Crash Corrigan

Bells of San Angelo  (1947)          Roy Rogers

Bells of San Fernando  (1947)     Donald Woods

Below the Border  (1942)             Buck Jones

Between God, the Devil and a Winchester  (1968)           Richard Harrison

Between Men  (1935)    Johnny Mack Brown

Beyond the Law  (1968)                 Lee Van Cleef

Billy the Kid Returns  (1938)        Roy Rogers

Billy the Kid Trapped  (1942)       Buster Crabbe

Blue Steel  (1934)            John Wayne

Boot Hill  (1969)               Terence Hill

Boothill Brigade  (1937)        Johnny Mack Brown

Branded Men  (1931)     Ken Maynard

The Brand of Hate  (1934)            Bob Steele

Broadway to Cheyenne  (1932)        George Gabby Hayes

Buckskin Frontier  (1943)              Richard Dix

Call of the Forest  (1949)              Robert Lowery

Cavalcade of the West  (1936)   Hoot Gibson

Cavalier of the West  (1931)       Harry Carey

Challenge to White Fang  (1974)               Franco Nero

China 9, Liberty 37  (1978)            Warren Oates

Clearing the Range  (1931)           Hoot Gibson

Code of the Fearless  (1939)       Fred Scott

Colorado Sundown  (1952)          Rex Allen

The Cowboy and the Bandit  (1935)         Rex Lease

Cowboy and the Senorita  (1944)              Roy Rogers

The Cowboy Millionaire  (1935)                George O'Brien

Coyote Trails  (1935)       Tom Tyler

The Crooked Trail  (1936)             Johnny Mack Brown

Cry Blood Apache  (1970)             Joel McCrea

The Curse of Demon Mountain  (1977)  Joe Don Baker

Dan Candy's Law  (1973)               Donald Sutherland

Daniel Boone, Trail Blazer  (1956)             Bruce Bennett

Dawn on the Great Divide  (1942)            Buck Jones

The Dawn Rider  (1935) John Wayne

The Day of the Wolves  (1973)            Richard Egan

Days of Jesse James  (1939)         Roy Rogers

Dead Aim  (1971)             Glen Lee

Dead for a Dollar  (1968)               George Hilton

Dead Men Don't Make Shadows  (1970)                Hunt Powers

Deadwood '76  (1965)    Arch Hall Jr.

Death Rides a Horse  (1968)        Lee Van Cleef

Death Rides the Range  (1939)        Ken Maynard

Death Valley  (1946)       Robert Lowery

The Deserter  (1971)       Richard Crenna

The Devil and Leroy Bassett  (1973)         Cody Bearpaw

Django Kill!  (1967)           Tomas Milian

Drum Taps  (1933)            Ken Maynard

The Dude Bandit  (1932)               Hoot Gibson

Fast Bullets  (1936)          Tom Tyler

The Federal Man  (1974)               Pierre Brice

The Feud Maker  (1938)                Bob Steele

The Feud of the Trail  (1937)       Tom Tyler

Feud of the Range  (1939)           Bob Steele

The Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe  (1972)             Chen Lee

The Fighting Renegade  (1939)  Tim McCoy

Forbidden Trails  (1941)            Buck Jones

Four Dollars of Revenge  (1965)                Robert Wood

Four of the Apocalypse  (1975)      Fabio Testi

Four Rode Out  (1969)     Leslie Nielsen

Frontier Justice  (1936)      Hoot Gibson

Frontier Scout  (1938)    George Houston

Frontier Town  (1938)    Tex Ritter

Ghost Patrol  (1936)        Tim McCoy

Ghost Town Law  (1942)                Buck Jones

Git Along Little Dogies  (1937)     Gene Autry

God's Gun  (1975)            Lee Van Cleef

Gone with the West  (1978)        James Caan

Grand Duel  (1974)          Lee Van Cleef

The Great Adventure  (1975)      Jack Palance

The Gun and the Pulpit  (1974)        Marjoe Gortner

Gunfight at Red Sands  (1964)    Richard Harrison

The Hanged Man  (1974)              Steve Forrest

The Hard Hombre  (1931)             Hoot Gibson

Hate Thy Neighbor  (1968)           George Eastman

Hell Town  (1937)            John Wayne

High Lonesome  (1950) John Barrymore Jr.

His Name Was King...  (1971)     Richard Harrison

Homesteaders of Paradise Valley  (1947)             Allan Rocky Lane

If You Meet Sartana, Pray For Death  (1968)        Gianni Garko

In Old Caliente  (1939)      Roy Rogers

In Old Santa Fe (1939)      Ken Maynard

It Can Be Done Amigo  (1973)     Jack Palance

Jesse and Lester  (1972)       Richard Harrison

Jesse James' Women  (1954)      Don Barry

Joshua  (1976)   Fred Williamson

Judge Priest  (1934)        Will Rogers

The Kansan  (1943)          Richard Dix

Kentucky Rifle  (1955)    Chill Wills

Keoma  (1976)       Franco Nero

Kid Vengeance  (1977)        Lee Van Cleef

The Kid’s Last Ride  (1941)           Ray Corrigan

King of the Cowboys  (1943)       Roy Rogers

The Laramie Kid  (1935)                 Tom Tyler

The Last Gun  (1964)       Cameron Mitchell

Last of the Clintons  (1935)          Harry Carey

Law Men  (1944)               Johnny Mack Brown

Law of the Rio Grande  (1931)    Bob Custer

The Lawless Frontier  (1935)       John Wayne

Lights of Old Santa Fe  (1944)     Roy Rogers

The Lone Ranger  (1952)               Clayton Moore

Mad Dog Morgan  (1976)              Dennis Hopper

The Man from Music Mountain  (1938)          Gene Autry

Man from Texas  (1948)                James Craig

The Man from Utah  (1934)         John Wayne

Man of the Forest  (1933)             Randolph Scott

Man of the Frontier  (1936)         Gene Autry

Mannaja, A Man Called Blade  (1977)     Maurizio Merli

McLintock!  (1963)           John Wayne

Minnesota Clay  (1965)           Cameron Mitchell

Mohawk  (1956)               Neville Brand

My Pal Trigger  (1946)    Roy Rogers

Mystery Ranch  (1934)   Tom Tyler

The Naked Hills  (1956)       David Wayne

'Neath the Arizona Skies  (1934)                John Wayne

New Mexico  (1951)       Lew Ayres

North of Arizona  (1935)               Jack Perrin

Now They Call Him Sacramento  (1972)      Michael Forest

The Oklahoma Cyclone  (1930)     Bob Steele

The Outlaw  (1943)          Jane Russell

The Painted Desert  (1931)   William Boyd

Paroled To Die  (1937)   Bob Steele

Phantom Rancher  (1940)             Ken Maynard

Public Cowboy No. 1  (1937)       Gene Autry

Rage at Dawn  (1955)      Randolph Scott

Raiders of Old California  (1957)               Jim Davis

Raiders of Red Gap  (1943)          Bob Livingston

The Range Busters  (1940)            Ray Crash Corrigan

Red River Valley  (1941)                Roy Rogers

Renegade Girl  (1946)    Ann Savage

Ride and Kill  (1964)        Alex Nicol

Riders of Destiny  (1933)              John Wayne

Riders of the Whistling Pines  (1949)      Gene Autry

Rim of the Canyon  (1949)            Gene Autry

Roarin' Guns  (1936)       Tim McCoy

Roaring Six Guns  (1937)               Kermit Maynard

Romance on the Range  (1942)      Roy Rogers

Rough Riders' Round-Up  (1939)        Roy Rogers

Round-Up Time in Texas  (1937)        Gene Autry

Run, Man, Run  (1968)   Thomas Milian

Sagebrush Trail  (1933)     John Wayne

Santa Fe Bound  (1936)  Tom Tyler

Santa Fe Trail  (1940)      Errol Flynn

Savage Guns  (1971)       Robert Woods

Savage Journey  (1983)     Richard Moll

Seven Alone  (1975)       Dewey Martin

Seven Devils on Horseback  (1975)          Gordon Mitchell

Seven Guns for Timothy  (1966)                Sean Flynn

The Shadow of Zorro  (1962)       Frank Latimore

She Came to the Valley  (1977)      Ronee Blakely

Sheriff of Tombstone  (1941)      Roy Rogers

Showdown at Williams Creek  (1991)     Raymond Burr

Silver Spurs  (1943)         Roy Rogers

Six Shootin' Sheriff  (1938)          Ken Maynard

Son of the Renegade  (1953)       John Carpenter

Song of the Gringo  (1936)           Tex Ritter

Southward Ho  (1939)    Roy Rogers

Springtime in the Rockies  (1937)             Gene Autry

Stagecoach to Denver  (1946)     Allan Lane

The Star Packer  (1934)      John Wayne

Stormy Trails  (1936)       Rex Bell

The Sundowners  (1950)        Robert Preston

Take Me Back to Oklahoma  (1940)          Tex Ritter

Terror of the Plains  (1934)          Tom Tyler

Tex Rides with the Boy Scouts  (1937)    Tex Ritter

Texas Gun Fighter  (1932)            Ken Maynard

Texas Trouble Shooters  (1942)        Ray Crash Corrigan

This Man Can't Die  (1967)           Guy Madison

Thunder Over Texas  (1934)        Guinn Big Boy Williams

Thunder River Feud  (1942)         Ray Corrigan

The Trail Beyond  (1934)               John Wayne

The Trail of the Silver Spurs  (1941)         Ray Crash Corrigan

Trailing Double Trouble  (1940)        Ray Crash Corrigan

Trinity and Sartana  (1972)           Robert Widmark

Trouble Busters  (1933)       Jack Hoxie

Trouble in Texas  (1937)                Tex Ritter

The Trusted Outlaw  (1937)         Bob Steele

Under California Stars  (1948)         Roy Rogers

Utah  (1945)       Roy Rogers

Valley of Terror  (1937)         Kermit Maynard

Vengeance Valley  (1951)            Burt Lancaster

West of the Divide  (1934)           John Wayne

Westbound Stage  (1939)             Tex Ritter

Western Mail  (1942)     Tom Keene

Westward Bound  (1930)              Buffalo Bill Jr.

Whirlwind Horseman  (1938)     Ken Maynard

White Comanche  (1968)              William Shatner

Wild Horse  (1931)          Hoot Gibson

Winds of the Wasteland  (1936)               John Wayne

Wolves of the Range  (1943)       Bob Livingston

The Yellow Rose of Texas  (1944)             Roy Rogers

Yuma  (1970)      Clint Walker