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The Randolph Scott Round-Up - Volume Two - 6 Classic Westerns


The Randolph Scott Round-Up - Volume Two

6 Classic Westerns

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Randolph Scott
Janis Carter, Claire Trevor, Donna Reed, Joan Leslie, Dorothy Malone, Glenn Ford
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8 Hours 27 Minutes
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The Randolph Scott Round-Up - Volume Two - 6 Classic Westerns
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6 Classic Westerns
Randolph Scott was a Hollywood Cowboy Legend, the always tall-in-the-saddle hero who helped define the genre. Rustle up a spot and enjoy 6 of his classics in this special Western roundup.

The Desperadoes (1943)
Randolph Scott, Glenn Ford, Claire Trevor, Evelyn Keyes
In this Western drama, Steve Upton (Randolph Scott) is the sheriff of a Utah community in 1860. Upton's best friend, Cheyenne Rogers (Glenn Ford), was once an outlaw, but under Steve's guidance, he's gone straight and tries to earn an honest living. But when a bank is robbed, Cheyenne is the prime suspect and will need Upton's help to save him from a lynching. THE DESPERADOES had the distinction of being the first Technicolor feature released by Columbia Pictures.

The Nevadan (1950) 
Randolph Scott, Dorothy Malone, Forrest Tucker
U.S. Marshal Andrew Barclay (Randolph Scott) is going undercover in a federal prison to find a lead on $250,000 in stolen money. As he helps the chief suspect Tom Tanner (Forrest Tucker) escape from jail, the trail to Tanner's hiding place is complicated by a greedy rancher and his beautiful daughter who are also in search of the money. Full of action and suspense, this film is a fine early example of Scott's long partnership with producer Harry Joe Brown

Santa Fe 
Randolph Scott, Janis Carter, Jerome Courtland
In this rousing, action-packed post-Civil War adventure, Scott stars as Britt Canfield, the eldest of four brothers who heads West to carve out a new life. Britt joins the Yankee-funded Santa Fe Railroad, where the straight-shooting ex-Confederate takes on indians, crooked gamblers, and most dangerous of all, his three brothers, vicious Yankee haters who'll stop at nothing to prevent the completion of the Santa Fe. Even if it means killing their own brother.
Man in the Saddle (1951) 
Randolph Scott, Joan Leslie, Ellen Drew, Alexander Knox
As a pioneer rancher of few words, unerring aim and unbreakable principles, Randolph Scott stars as Owen Merritt who must swallow his pride when the woman he loves marries for wealth. But when her wildly jealous husband vows to ruin Merritt's ranch, Merritt strikes back. Fistfights and gun battles ablaze in this satisfying combination of action, romance and breathtaking high-desert scenery.

Hangman's Knot (1952) 
Randolph Scott, Donna Reed, Claude Jarman Jr., Lee Marvin
At the end of the Civil War, a band of Confederate soldiers ambush a Yankee gold shipment. To their horror, they learn from a dying Union soldier that the war ended a month ago. Now facing certain criminal charges, the troops seek a hideout and take an army nurse, played by Donna Reed, captive until they plot their next move. But closing in are blood-thirsty bounty hunters with every intention to see them hang.

The Stranger Wore A Gun (1953)
Randolph Scott, Claire Trevor, Joan Weldon, George Macready
Jeff Travis (Randolph Scott) is a former Confederate spy who has headed to Arizona to start a new life. But his reputation has preceded him and the crooked Jules Mourret (George Macready) wants his help to knock over a gold shipment on the Conroy Stage Company. Having fallen in love with daughter of the stage line's owner, Travis turns honest and lines up against gang of outlaws played by Alfonso Bedoya, Lee Marvin, and Ernest Borgnine.