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Tales of Terror - 200 Classic Horror Movies


Tales of Terror

200 Classic Horror Movies
Shadow Box Collection

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Action, Drama, Horror, Mystery
Vincent Price, Jack Nicholson, Bela Lugosi, Boris Karloff
Christopher Lee, Lon Chaney, Paul Nachy, Barbara Steele
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262 hr 54 min
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Region 1
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Mill Creek Entertainment
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Tales of Terror - 200 Classic Horror Movies
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Blood, Guts, Gore and So Much More!

Over 70 years of Filmmaking!

The Ultimate Gift for Horror Fans!

Unlock the vault of classic horror to release 200 of the most spine-tingling, gut-wrenching, corpse-raising tales full of gruesome gold! Prepare to meet the most terrifying creatures and madmen of midnight in this 50 DVD collection, packed with stranger than fiction scream scenes. From cinematic greats to genuine obscurities, this definitive collection contains a universe of horror that is sure to leave your old-school ghoul appetite completely satisfied. Resurrect your taste for terror and prepare for horror happiness as you witness the surreal underbelly of classic horror cinema!

Featuring Hollywood Legends: Vincent Price, Jack Nicholson, David Janssen, James Earl Jones, Boris Karloff, Bela Lugosi, Robert Reed, Christopher Lee, Barbara Steele, Lon Chaney, Ginger Rogers, Paul Naschy, Pat O’ Brien and so many more….it’s scary!

Alien Zone  (1978)           John Ericson

The Amazing Mr. X  (1948)           Turhan Bey

The Amazing Transparent Man  (1960)   Douglas Kennedy

Anatomy of a Psycho  (1961)       Ronnie Burns

The Ape  (1940)        Boris Karloff

Atom Age Vampire  (1960)          Alberto Lupo

Attack From Space  (1964)            Ken Utsui

Attack of the Giant Leeches  (1959)         Ken Clark

The Bat  (1959)  Vincent Price

The Beast of Yucca Flats  (1961) Tor Johnson

Bell from Hell  (1973)     Viveca Lindfors

Black Dragons  (1942)     Bela Lugosi

The Blancheville Monster  (1964)             Gerard Tichy

Blood Sabbath  (1972)    Anthony Geary

Bloodlust  (1959)              Robert Reed

The Bloody Brood  (1959)             Peter Falk

Bloody Pit of Horror  (1965)        Mickey Hargitay

Bluebeard  (1944)            John Carradine

The Body Beneath  (1970)            Gavin Reed

The Brain That Wouldn't Die  (1962)       Jason Evers

A Bucket of Blood  (1959)             Dick Miller

Bulldog Drummond Comes Back  (1937)                John Howard

Bulldog Drummond Escapes  (1937)        Ray Milland

Bulldog Drummond in Africa  (1938)       John Howard

Bulldog Drummond's Peril  (1938)           John Howard

Bulldog Drummond's Revenge  (1937)   John Howard

Bulldog Drummond's Secret Police  (1939)          John Howard

Carnival of Souls  (1962)               Candace Hilligoss

The Corpse Vanishes  (1942)       Bela Lugosi

Count Dracula and His Vampire Bride  (1974)      Christopher Lee

Creature from the Haunted Sea  (1961) Antony Carbone

Crimes at the Dark House  (1940)             Tod Slaughter

The Crimes of Stephen Hawke  (1936)   Tod Slaughter

Crucible of Horror  (1970)            Michael Gough

Curse of Bigfoot                 (1978) Bob Clymire

Dead Men Walk                 (1943) George Zucco

Death in the Shadows  (1985)     Maayke Boulten

Death Rage  (1976)          Yul Brynner

Death Warmed Up  (1984)           Michael Hurst

Dementia 13  (1963)       William Campbell

The Demon  (1979)          Cameron Mitchell

Detour  (1945)   Tom Neal

The Devil Bat  (1940)      Bela Lugosi

Devil Times Five                (1974) Leif Garrett

The Devil's Hand  (1962)               Robert Alda

The Devil's Messenger  (1962)   Lon Chaney Jr.

The Devil's Nightmare  (1971)    Erika Blanc

Devil's Possessed  (1974)             Paul Naschy

Doctor Jekyll and the Werewolf  (1972)                Paul Naschy

Don't Answer the Phone!  (1980)             James Westmoreland

Doomed to Die  (1940)  Boris Karloff

Double Exposure  (1983)              Michael Callan

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde  (1920)  John Barrymore

Dr. Tarr's Torture Dungeon  (1972)           Claudio Brook

Dressed to Kill  (1946)    Basil Rathbone

Drive-in Massacre  (1974)            Jake Barnes

The Dungeon of Harrow  (1962)                Russ Harvey

The Eerie Midnight Horror Show  (1974)               Stella Carnacina

The Embalmer  (1965)    Maureen Lidgard Brown

End of the World  (1977)              Christopher Lee

Evil Brain from Outer Space  (1956)         Ken Utsui

Fangs of the Living Dead  (1969)                Anita Ekberg

The Fatal Hour  (1940)   Boris Karloff

Frankenstein 80                 (1972) John Richardson

Funeral Home  (1980)    Kay Hawtrey

The Fury of the Wolf Man  (1972)             Paul Naschy

The Ghost  (1963)            Barbara Steele

The Giant Gila Monster  (1959) Don Sullivan

The Gorilla  (1939)           The Ritz Brothers

Grave of the Vampire  (1972)     William Smith

Great Guy  (1936)            James Cagney

Green Eyes  (1934)          Charles Starrett

Guru, the Mad Monk  (1970)      Neil Flanagan

Hands of a Stranger  (1962)         Paul Lukather

Hands of Steel  (1986)   John Saxon

Haunts  (1977)   May Britt

The Hearse  (1980)          Trish Van Devere

Horror Express  (1972)   Christopher Lee

Horror Rises from the Tomb  (1973)        Paul Naschy

Horrors of Spider Island  (1962) Harald Maresch

The House by the Cemetery  (1981)        Paolo Malco

House on Haunted Hill  (1959)  Vincent Price

The House That Screamed  (1969)            Lilli Palmer

How Awful About Allan  (1970) Anthony Perkins

The Hunchback of Notre Dame  (1923)   Lon Chaney

I Bury the Living  (1958) Richard Boone

I Eat Your Skin  (1964)    William Joyce

The Incredible Petrified World  (1957)  John Carradine

The Indestructible Man  (1956) Lon Chaney Jr

Invisible Ghost  (1941)  Bela Lugosi

It Happened at Nightmare Inn  (1973)    Judy Geeson

Kansas City Confidential  (1952)                John Payne

Keep My Grave Open  (1976)     Camilla Carr

The Killer Shrews  (1959)              James Best

King of the Zombies  (1941)        Dick Purcell

Lady Frankenstein  (1971)            Joseph Cotten

Land of the Minotaur  (1976)      Donald Pleasence

The Last Man on Earth  (1960)    Vincent Price

Last Woman on Earth  (1960)      Betsy Jones-Moreland

The Legend of Big Foot  (1976)   Ivan Marx

The Little Shop of Horrors  (1960)             Jack Nicholson

The Long Hair of Death  (1964)   Barbara Steele

The Mad Monster  (1942)             George Zucco

Man in the Attic  (1953)                Jack Palance

Manfish  (1956)                Lon Chaney Jr.

Maniac  (1934)  Bill Woods

Manos: The Hands of Fate  (1966)            Tom Neyman

The Manster  (1962)       Peter Dyneley

Medusa  (1973) George Hamilton

Messiah of Evil  (1972)  Michael Greer

Metamorphosis  (1990) Gene LeBrock

Metropolis  (1927)          Alfred Abel

Midnight Manhunt  (1945)          Ann Savage

Monster from a Prehistoric Planet  (1967)            Tamio Kawaji

The Monster Maker  (1944)         J. Carrol Naish

The Monster Walks  (1932)         Rex Lease

Monster  (1979)                James Mitchum

The Moonstone  (1934) Charles Irwin

Mr. Moto's Last Warning  (1939)               Peter Lorre

Mr. Wong, Detective  (1938)      Boris Karloff

Murder At Midnight  (1931)        Alice White

Murder at the Baskervilles  (1937)           Arthur Wontner

Murder By Television  (1935)     Bela Lugosi

The Murder Mansion  (1972)      Evelyn Stewart

Murder With Pictures  (1936)     Lew Ayres

Mutant  (1984)  Bo Hopkins

My Mom's a Werewolf  (1989)  Susan Blakely

The Mysterious Mr. Wong  (1935)            Bela Lugosi

Mystery Liner  (1934)     Noah Beery

Naked Massacre  (1976)                Mathieu Carriere

The Night Evelyn Came Out of the Grave  (1971)               Anthony Steffen

Night Fright  (1968)         John Agar

Night of Bloody Horror  (1969)   Gerald McRaney

Night of the Blood Beast  (1958)               Michael Emmet

Night of the Living Dead  (1968)                Judith O'Dea

Nightmare Castle  (1965)              Barbara Steele

Nightmare in Wax  (1969)            Cameron Mitchell

The Nightmare Never Ends  (1980)          Cameron Mitchell

Nosferatu  (1922)             Max Schreck

Oasis of the Zombies  (1981)      Manuel Gelin

One Body Too Many  (1944)        Bela Lugosi

The Oval Portrait  (1972)               Wanda Hendrix

Panic  (1982)      David Warbeck

A Passenger to Bali  (1950)          E.G. Marshall

The Phantom Creeps  (1939)       Bela Lugosi

The Phantom from 10,000 Leagues  (1956)           Kent Taylor

The Phantom of the Opera  (1925)           Lon Chaney

Point of Terror  (1971)   Peter Carpenter

Radio Ranch  (1940)        Gene Autry

The Revenge of Doctor X  (1970)               James Craig

Revolt of the Zombies  (1936)    Dean Jagger

The Sadist  (1963)            Arch Hall Jr.

Satan's Slave  (1976)       Michael Gough

Scared to Death  (1946) Bela Lugosi

Scarlet Street  (1945)      Edward G. Robinson

Scream Bloody Murder  (1975)  Fred Holbert

A Scream in the Night  (1935)     Lon Chaney Jr.

The Screaming Skull  (1958)        John Hudson

The Severed Arm  (1973)              Deborah Walley

Shadow of Chinatown  (1936)    Bela Lugosi

The Shadow: International Crime  (1937)              Rod LaRocque

The She-Beast  (1966)    Barbara Steele

Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon  (1943)             Basil Rathbone

A Shriek in the Night  (1933)       Ginger Rogers

The Sign of Four  (1932)                Arthur Wontner

Silent Night, Bloody Night  (1972)            Patrick O'Neal

Sisters of Death  (1977)                 Arthur Franz

Slashed Dreams  (1974)                 Peter Hooten

Snowbeast  (1977)           Bo Svenson

Stanley  (1972)                  Chris Robinson

Star Odyssey  (1979)       Yanti Somer

The Stranger  (1946)       Orson Welles

A Study in Scarlet  (1933)              Reginald Owen

Swamp Women  (1955)                 Beverly Garland

The Tell-Tale Heart  (1960)          Laurence Payne

Terror  (1978)     John Nolan

The Terror  (1963)            Jack Nicholson

Terror at the Red Wolf Inn  (1972)            Linda Gillen

Terror By Night  (1946)                  Basil Rathbone

Terror Creatures from the Grave  (1965)                               Walter Brandi

Terror in the Jungle  (1968)         Robert Burns

They Saved Hitler's Brain  (1963)              Walter Stocker

The Thirsty Dead  (1974)               Jennifer Billingsley

The Ticket of Leave Man  (1937)                                Tod Slaughter

Too Late For Tears  (1949)            Lizabeth Scott

Tormented  (1960)          Richard Carlson

The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes  (1935)                              Arthur Wontner

The Undertaker and His Pals  (1966)       Ray Dannis

The Vampire Bat  (1933)               Melvyn Douglas

The Vampire's Night Orgy  (1973)             Jack Taylor

War of the Robots  (1978)            Antonio Sabato

Warriors of the Wasteland  (1983)           Fred Williamson

Werewolf in a Girl's Dormitory  (1962)  Barbara Lass

The Werewolf of Washington  (1973)    Dean Stockwell

The Werewolf vs. Vampire Women  (1971)         Paul Naschy

Werewolf Woman  (1976)           Anne Borel

White Zombie  (1932)    Bela Lugosi

The Witches Mountain  (1972)  Patty Shepard

The Woman in Green  (1945)     Basil Rathbone

The World Gone Mad  (1933)     Pat O'Brien