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Modern War Heroes - 11-Part Documentary Collection - TIN


Modern War Heroes

11-Part Documentary Collection

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Documentary, War
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7 Hours 51 Minutes
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Modern War Heroes - 11-Part Documentary Collection - TIN
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Go Beyond The Headlines!

Warfare And Testimony You Won’t See On The Evening News!

Experience the gripping accounts of our nations heroes as told by the soldiers themselves.

11–Part Documentary Collection

Outside the Wire:

To many, Iraq is just a place on a map, but this compelling documentary series showcases the real Iraq, directly from the American soldier's point of view. Follow the captivating journey of filmmaker, reporter and former Marine JD Johannes in this poignant and in-depth look at the war in Iraq. Witness actual battle scenes and testimonies from soldiers on why they fight and what it is like to go outside the wire and into combat. Go beyond the headlines... Forget what the politicians and pundits say... See the war from the ground... Go...OUTSIDE THE WIRE.

Sniper: The Unsceen Warrior:

The sniper, first and foremost, is a hunter...his weapon is a rifle...his prey...another human being. None have embraced this world better than the American sniper. From the American Revolution to the modern wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the American sniper has been the most efficient weapon on the battlefield. This fascinating documentary series delivers heart-pounding real-life tales from the military's most experienced snipers. Few military feats stir the imagination like the image of a pair of riflemen waiting quietly in a building, in a bomb crater, or a mountain pass for the enemy to walk into their crosshairs. Created with full cooperation from the US Marine Corps and The National Rifle Association, you’ll experience the heart-pounding real-life stories of our country’s most experienced combatants.

Bonus feature includes Interactive Timeline which chronicles the past and present transformation of the Sniper. 

Modern War Heroes takes you beyond the headlines and brings you the real story!


Outside the Wire - 

1. Call Sign Vengeance - Shot in 2005, follows a Marine Corps infantry unit through their deployment to the Fallujah area.

2. Danger Close - An in-depth look at the fierce battle between the U.S. Army and Al Qaida.  Meet the heroic paratroopers who defeated Al Qaida in one of Iraq's most dangerous places. 

3. Anbar Awakens - The greatest strategic turn-around of the Iraq War--the tribes of Al Anbar province joining with the coalition to fight Al Qaida.  Hear from tribal leaders and coalition officers how Al Anbar went from being lost to won in less than a year.

4. Baghdad Surge - See the tactics that led to the success of the troop surge up close and in person.  Follow an Army infantry Captain through a typical 'day-of-the-surge' and see the battle for Baghdad from the asphalt level.

5. Baghdad Happens - Ride along with U.S. Soldiers as they get into a firefight, capture a terrorist and rescue a hostage during a typical afternoon in Baghdad.

Sniper: The Unsceen Warrior -

Program 1:  Sniper: The Unseen Warrior- Who is the Sniper?

1. Personality of the Sniper

2. Sniper Training

3. Sniper Equipment

Program 2:  Sniper: The Unseen Warrior – The Sniper in War

1. Missions

2. First Kill

3. Confirmed Kills

Program 3:  Sniper: The Unseen Warrior– The Revolutionary War to the Mexican American War

1. America’s First Snipers

2. The Revolutionary War

3. Between the Great American Wars

Program 4:  Sniper: The Unseen Warrior - The Civil War to WWII

1. The Civil War

2. The Plains Indian War

3. WWI


Program 5:  Sniper: The Unseen Warrior – The Korean War to the Police Wars

1. The Korean War

2. The Vietnam War

3. The Police Wars

Program 6:  Sniper: The Unseen Warrior- The American Sniper in the 21st Century

1. The Law Enforcement Sniper

2. Iraq and Afghanistan

3. Myths and Misconceptions

Bonus Feature: Interactive Timeline chronically the Sniper from the American Revolutionary War to modern day warfare.