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Man With A Plan Collection - 10 Movie Set


Man With A Plan Collection

10 Movie Set

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Charles Bronson, Rock Hudson, James Cagney, Steve McQueen, John Wayne
Gary Cooper, James Brolin, Kirk Douglas, Frank Sinatra, Anthony Quinn
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14 Hours 38 Minutes
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Region 1
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Mill Creek Entertainment
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Man With A Plan Collection - 10 Movie Set
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10 movies with Hollywood's Top Leading Men!

Featuring such legendary stars as:

•Gary Cooper - Fighting Caravans
•John Wayne - The Man From Utah
•James Cagney - Blood On The Sun
•Frank Sinatra – Suddenly
•Rock Hudson - Embryo
•Anthony Quinn - Target Of An Assassin
•Kirk Douglas - The Master Touch
•Steve McQueen - The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery
•Charles Bronson - Cold Sweat
•James Brolin - High Risk


The Fighting Caravans
Starring Gary Cooper, Lili Damita, Ernest Torrence
(1931) B&W 92 Minutes Not Rated
After starring with Marlene Dietrich in “Morocco”, Gary Cooper takes on another Zane Grey western for Paramount in “Fighting Caravans”. A youthful Cooper portrays Clint Belmet, a trail guide facing a jail term on trumped up charges. To avoid arrest, Clint finds French-born Felice (Lily Damita) and asks to pose as her fiancé. Felice is looking to join a wagon train heading from Independence, Missouri to Sacramento, California and agrees to the arrangement. The “arrangement” starts off with hostility but eventually changes to true love over the course of the journey. Eventually, Clint becomes the wagon train’s sole trail guide and he is forced to assume some responsibility for the first time in his life. Clint ends up guide the group across the wilderness and rescuing the other passengers from the villainous actions of notorious gun-runner Lee Murdock (Fred Kohler) as well as an Indian attack. This film was retitled “Blazing Arrows” for broadcast on television and features performances and cameos by Ernest Torrence, Tully Marshal, Eugene Palette, Jane Darwell, Iron Eyes Cody and Charles Winninger.

The Man From Utah
Starring John Wayne, Gabby Hayes, Polly Ann Young
(1934) B&W 50 Minutes Not Rated
This early John Wayne film features him as John Weston, a young drifter who helps thwart a bank robbery. The grateful Marshal Higgins (Gabby Hayes) asks Weston for help in investigating a series of deaths involving rodeo riders competing in a locally sponsored event. Weston enters the rodeo and fall for local girl Marjorie Cater (Polly Ann Young). Weston must stop Spike Barton (Ed Peil), the show’s promoter, when he discovers the rodeo organizer is planning on leaving town with all the prize money the local community has contributed.

Blood on the Sun
Starring James Cagney, Sylvia Sidney, Porter Hall
(1945) B&W 90 Minutes Not Rated
This Oscar-winning film begins prior to the outbreak of World War II. Nick Condon (James Cagney), the American editor of a Tokyo newspaper, suspects the Japanese military is responsible for the deaths of his two friends. Discovering information about the “Tanaka Plan”, a Japanese military outline for world conquest, Condon vows to secure the document and get it into the hands of the American military at any cost. Teaming up with a half-Chinese woman, Condon sets out to secure the plans in spite of the problems brought upon him by the Tokyo police, the Japanese High Command, and the traitorous actions of a fellow journalist.

Starring Frank Sinatra, Sterling Hayden, Nancy Gates
(1954) B&W 76 Minutes Not Rated
Discover Frank Sinatra at his finest in this adrenaline-filled thriller that tells the story of a cold-hearted assassin, who is planning to assassinate the commander-in-chief, when his train passes through the sleepy town of Suddenly. Sinatra and his equally ruthless henchmen commandeer a house that looks out onto the Presidential train stop. The terrified family is held hostage as the clock counts down to a shattering conclusion.

Starring Rock Hudson, Barbara Carrera, Diane Ladd
(1976) Color 104 Minutes Rated PG
A research scientist is experimenting with human DNA in an attempt to create the perfect human being. His work has made it to the point where he can take a human fetus and accelerate its growth to that of an adult within a few days. His latest creation is a beautiful woman, but side effects from the process turn the woman into a deranged killer.

Target of an Assassin
Starring Anthony Quinn, John Phillip Law, Sandra Prinsloo
(1976) Color 105 Minutes Rated PG
An aging male nurse at a hospital in Africa is caring for an ailing politician, who survived an assassination attempt. Diagnosed with a terminal illness and concerned with his family’s well-being, the nurse kidnaps the politician with the hopes that the ransom will provide for his family after he’s gone. Unfortunately, the assassin who made the attempt on the politician’s life is still after the man and now looks at the nurse as an object in his way towards his goal.

The Master Touch
Starring Kirk Douglas, Giuliano Gemma, Florinda Bolkan
(1972) Color 96 Minutes Rated PG
Steve Wallace (Kirk Douglas) is a master safe cracker who has been finally released from prison after serving time for a previous robbery. Looking to pull off one last heist and then retire, Wallace teams up with Marco (Giuliano Gemma), a circus gymnast, to commit his biggest caper of his career. The two men plan on robbing $1 Million from a vault in a German insurance company.

The Great St. Louis Bank Robbery
Starring Steve McQueen, Graham Denton, David Clarke
(1959) Color 84 Minutes Not Rated
Based upon a true story, this film features a young Steve McQueen as the getaway driver for four bank robbers. The thieves plan and rehearse the daring bank robbery hoping to make it a perfect crime. Once the actual robbery begins, they find that they cannot account for all contingencies. Shot on location in St. Louis, the actual officers involved with this case were used in the filming of this feature.

Cold Sweat
Starring Charles Bronson, Liv Ullmann, James Mason
(1970) Color 94 Minutes Rated PG
A reformed military ex-convict, Joe (Charles Bronson), runs into trouble when the gang he abandoned, led by Ross (James Mason), comes demanding to use the fishing boat he captains. Their scheme is to pull off a drug heist and escape to another country. They are out partly for revenge, as Joe's actions in an earlier outing with the gang gave them all years in prison. Later, Joe's new wife Fabienne (Liv Ullmann) and her twelve-year-old daughter are threatened by a sadistic rapist, Katanga (Jean Topart), but they haven't reckoned with Joe, who is now out for blood.

High Risk
Starring James Brolin, Anthony Quinn, James Coburn
(1981) Color 94 Minutes Rated R
A group of four friends, in desperate need of money, plot to steal $5 Million from the South American home of an American-born drug kingpin. After successfully stealing the loot, the partners-in-crime are pursued through the jungles by the Colombian army and a band of rebel bandits.