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John Wayne: Western Hero - 20 Movie Collection


John Wayne: Western Hero

20 Movie Collection

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Action, Comedy, Drama, Mystery, Western
John Wayne, Gabby Hayes, Gail Russell, Maureen O'Hara
Yakima Canutt, Stephanie Powers, Henry Fonda, Jimmy Stewart
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24 hr 18 min
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Region 1
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Mill Creek Entertainment
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John Wayne: Western Hero - 20 Movie Collection
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Twenty of The Duke's Finest Films!

John Wayne remains one of the most beloved icons in the history of American film. His prolific career established him as the symbol of an American West that epitomized the virtues of courage, toughness, humor and loyalty. This amazing collection contains 20 features starring the ever-popular western icon, John Wayne. This 4 DVD collection includes his early work that captured the raw talent and charisma that were destined to make The Duke an American hero for the ages whose appeal endures to this day.


Blue Steel

Starring John Wayne, George Hayes, Yakima Canutt

(1934)  B&W – NR

When a man appears to rob the payroll from a safe, Sheriff Jake is hot on his trail. However, just when he is about to take him into custody, the man saves his life.


The Desert Trail

Starring John Wayne, Eddy Chandler, Paul Fix

(1935) B&W – NR

After rodeo star John Scott wins his event and picks up his prize money, the rodeo official is killed and all the money is taken. Wrongfully accused of the crime, Scott and his partner Kansas Charlie track the real culprits to Poker City.


The Man From Utah           

Starring John Wayne, George Hayes, Polly Ann Young

(1934) B&W – NR

John Weston, is a young drifter who helps thwart a bank robbery. The grateful Marshal Higgins asks Weston for help in investigating a series of deaths involving rodeo riders competing in a locally sponsored event.


'Neath the Arizona Skies

Starring John Wayne, George Hayes, Sheila Terry

(1934) B&W – NR

Chris Morrell is the guardian of a little Native American girl, who's the heir to a $50,000 oil claim, and he must track down her long-lost father in order for her to receive the claim.


The Star Packer

Starring John Wayne, George Hayes, Yakima Canutt´╗┐

(1934) B&W – NR

A U.S. Marshal and his traveling companion arrive in town to track down The Shadow and his gang of marauders. After the new sheriff is gunned down in cold blood, the Marshal decides to take his place.


Riders of Destiny

Starring John Wayne, George Hayes, Cecilia Parker

(1933) B&W – NR

An undercover government agent comes to town to investigate a water supply problem with the local farmers. The agent comes up with a plan to get water for the farmers and bring the water baron to justice.


Rainbow Valley

Starring John Wayne, George Hayes, Lucille Brown

(1935) B&W – NR

John Martin is a government agent working under cover. Leading citizen Morgan calls in gunman Galt who blows Martin's cover.


Winds Of The Wasteland

Starring John Wayne, Phyllis Fraser, Lew Kelly

(1936) B&W – NR

Two former Pony Express riders buy a stagecoach line in the hopes of turning it into a successful business. Finding out that their line travels to a ghost town, the two men learn that a $25,000 government contract is available.


Texas Terror

Starring John Wayne, LeRoy Mason, Lucille Brown

(1935) B&W – NR

A sheriff resigns his position after believing he is responsible for killing his best friend. After living in the high country for some time, he comes to the rescue of his deceased friend's daughter who then hires him as her ranch foreman.


The Lucky Texan

Starring John Wayne, George Hayes, Barbara Sheldon

(1934) B&W – NR

A young man honors his deceased father's wish for him to go out west and work with his old partner in raising cattle. Finding the old man working as a blacksmith, the young man decides to help him with his business.


Sagebrush Trail

Starring John Wayne, Nancy Shubert, Yakima Canutt

(1933) B&W – NR

When John Brandt is sent to jail for a murder he never committed, he escapes and eludes the law, heading west to freedom. He joins an outlaw gang and is befriended by Jones who turns out to be the real culprit in the killing.


Randy Rides Alone

Starring John Wayne, George Hayes, Alberta Vaughn

(1934) B&W – NR

A man is wrongly accused of some murders and is jailed by the local sheriff. Believing him innocent of the charges, a young woman frees him from jail in order for the man to track down the real killers.


West of the Divide

Starring John Wayne, George Hayes, Virginia Brown Faire

(1934) B&W – NR

Ted Hayden is searching for his parent's killer. He takes on the identity of a wanted outlaw in order to join a gang run by Gentry, in the hopes that it will bring him closer to finding the guilty party.


Angel and the Badman

Starring John Wayne, Gail Russell, Harry Carey

(1947) B&W – NR

Proving that good things can happen to bad people, Quaker girl Penelope Worth nurses the disreputable Quirt Evans back to health.



Starring John Wayne, Maureen O'Hara, Stefanie Powers

(1963) Color – NR

In this sprawling, brawling epic western he fights with his fiery wife, his daughter and an assortment of thieving land sharks. McLintock is, of course, up to the task taming both family and foes alike.


The American West of John Ford

Starring John Wayne, Henry Fonda, James Stewart

(1971) Color – NR

This documentary covers the life of one of the most recognized film directors of all time, John Ford. Narrating this documentary are the stars that have had great success with the director, John Wayne, Henry Fonda and James Stewart.


Shadow of the Eagle (12 episodes)

Starring John Wayne, Dorothy Gulliver, Edward Hearn

(1932) B&W – NR

The owner of a traveling carnival is suspected of being a criminal. When strange circumstances begin to befall the aircraft company and the carnival, the owner's disappearance springs the carnival's stunt pilot, his girlfriend, the owner's daughter, into action to find him and prove his innocence.

Episodes: (1) The Carnival Mystery (2) Pinholes (3) The Eagle Strikes (4) The Man of a Million Voices (5) The Telephone Cipher (6) The Code of the Carnival (7) Eagle or Vulture? (8) On the Spot (9) When Thieves Fall Out (10) The Man Who Knew (11) The Eagle's Wings (12) The Shadow Unmasked


The Hurricane Express

Starring John Wayne, Shirley Grey, Joseph Girard

(1932) B&W – NR

When his father's train is derailed causing his death, Larry Baker sets out to track down The Wrecker, a mysterious figure who has been sabotaging the L & R Railroad.


Desert Command

Starring John Wayne, Jack Mulhall, Raymond Hatton

(1933) B&W – NR

This tale is about three Foreign Legionnaires, the last of their squad, about to be wiped out by a band of marauding Arabs, only to be rescued by a pilot. The four men join forces in order to combat the efforts of El Shaitan, The Devil of the Desert.


His Private Secretary

Starring John Wayne, Evalyn Knapp, Alec B. Francis

(1933) B&W – NR

Dick Wallace is a spoiled rich man whose father disapproves of his playboy-like ways. After taking a job to please his father and heading on a trip to make a collection, Wallace falls for the granddaughter of the man he is to collect from.