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In Harms Way - 8 Movie Collection


In Harms Way

8 Movie Collection

$ 9.98 MSRP


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Action, Mystery, Sci-Fi, War
Jean-Claude Van Damme, Chow-Yun Fat, Chris O'Donnell, Christopher Lambert
James Caan, Rick Schroeder, Mira Sorvino, Scott Glenn
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12 hr 59 min
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Region 1
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Mill Creek Entertainment
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In Harms Way - 8 Movie Collection
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Extreme Entertainment!

Brace yourself for edge-of-your-seat action with this assortment of 8 exciting films fully loaded with death-defying thrills and pulse-pounding entertainment.

The Hard Corps

An Army veteran assembles a team of bodyguards to protect a former boxer. Complications arise when the boxer suspects his sister may be romantically involved with the bodyguard. - ...immediately establishes itself as.. flat-out entertaining..DVD Talk/Ian Jane

Universal Soldier: The Return

The universal soldiers must fight the whole army, when the military's supercomputer S.E.T.H gets out of control! - Jean-Claude Van Damme is one of the best martial artists and fights of all time! -

The Replacement Killers (Director's Cut)

Failing to kill anymore because of his conscience, a troubled hit-man seeks aid from a forger to help him get papers to China. However, the drug-lord has hired replacements to finish the job and kill the hit-man. - If you don't own the movie yet, I would recommend it. - DVD Talk/Louis Howard

Vertical Limit

An emotionally-charged action-adventure tale of a retired climber (Chris O'Donnell) who must launch a treacherous and extraordinary rescue effort up K2, the world's second highest peak, to save his estranged sister (Robin Tunney) and her summit team in a race against time. - A hair-raising, high-altitude adventure./... white knuckle moments..Bill Diehl, ABC Radio/

Love Lies Bleeding

Money changes everything, at least that's what Money changes everything, at least that's what Duke and Amber would like to believe - especially after Duke, a hapless Iraq War vet (Brian Geraghty - I Know Who Killed Me), stumbles onto a drug deal turned deadly and finds a duffel bag stuffed with dirty money. After stopping for a quickie wedding, Duke and Amber (Jenna Dewan - Take The Lead) hit the road to start the life they've always dreamed about. The dream quickly turns into a nightmare when Pollen (Christian Slater - Bobby), a corrupt DEA agent, comes to reclaim what he believes is rightfully his. The chase begins with non-stop, hair-raising action as Duke and Amber are forced to outwit the increasingly crazed Pollen - and fight for their very lives. - ...a fast-paced, intense rollercoaster...DVD Talk/Thomas Spurlin

Fortress 2

Recaptured renegade leader Christopher Lambert is sent to an escape-proof space-prison in this action-packed sequel to the popular cult classic. Also starring Pam Grier. - enjoyable

Blood Crime

Hollywood legend James Caan (The Godfather, Mickey Blue Eyes) and explosive young actor Johnathon Schaech (Splendor, How To Make An American Quilt) team up for a gripping crime thriller about the darkest kind of revenge. - to

Face of Terror

A hard-edged, American cop searches for his kidnapped sister in Spain and uncovers an explosive terrorist plot. - ...will undoubtedly thrill action fans who long for the genre's golden age .Reel Film Reviews

Technical Specifications:

The Hard Corps - 

  • 1.85:1 aspect ratio
  • English 2.0 audio


Universal Soldier: The Return - 

  • 1.85:1 aspect ratio
  • English 5.1 audio


The Replacement Killers (Director's Cut) - 

  • 2.40:1 aspect ratio
  • English 5.1 audio


Vertical Limit - 

  • 1.85:1 aspect ratio
  • English 5.1 audio


Love Lies Bleeding - 

  • 2.40:1 aspect ratio
  • English 2.0 audio


Fortress 2: Re-Entry - 

  • 1.85:1 aspect ratio
  • English 2.0 audio


Blood Crime - 

  • 1.78:1 aspect ratio
  • English 2.0 audio


Face of Terror - 

  • 1.78:1 aspect ratio
  • English 2.0 audio