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In A Time Of War... - A Complete History of US Wars


In A Time Of War...

A Complete History of US Wars
Shadow Box Collection

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In A Time Of War... - A Complete History of US Wars
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America's Epic War History!

America’s remarkable journey through centuries of conflict, both at home and abroad, are comprehensively presented through 27 documentary series. Extensive and riveting, this 50 DVD collection leaves no battle behind. From the Great Indian Wars to the War in Iraq, from the sea to the sky and all trenches in-between. This definitive collection is a visual tour through our prominent U.S. history. Through a vast variety of authentic wartime footage, newsreels, photographs, interviews, re-enactments and more; this collection of award-winning programs is a declaration and tribute to the heroes that fought and still fight for freedom!


The Ultimate Civil War Series – 150th Anniversary Edition (2 DVDs)

This soon-to-be classic documentary mini-series traces the causes, courses as well as the major events and personalities of the American Civil War!

Between 1861 and 1865, this epic American story of struggle and survival was written in blood, and in this series is told mostly from first-hand accounts and in the spoken words of the participants themselves, through their diaries, letters, and memoirs. The series concludes with Lee's surrender at Appomattox Court House and the surrender of the western Confederate Army to Sherman in North Carolina in the spring of 1865.  It then explores the legacy of slavery and the consequences and meaning of a war that transformed the country forever.

The series starts from the birth of the abolitionist movement and the wars over slavery in Kansas and Harper’s Ferry, through the election of President Abraham Lincoln and the firing on Fort Sumter. This series covers all the major battles to the death of President Lincoln and the beginnings of Reconstruction. The series concludes with Lee’s surrender at Appomattox Court House and the surrender of the western Confederate Army to Sherman in North Carolina in the spring of 1865. It then explores the legacy of slavery and the consequences and meaning of a war that transformed the country forever.

Highlights include:

Featuring the works of historian and artist Dan Nance

An All-New 7-part series and the first Civil War series of its kind produced entirely in vivid High-Definition!

The ONLY series produced for the current 150th anniversary of the war!

20,000 re-enactors re-create the war with extreme detail and historically accurate recreations.  Re-enactments filmed in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Georgia and Florida.  


Chapter 1: Sins of the Fathers

Chapter 2: A Deep, Steady Thunder

Chapter 3: Days of Infamy

Chapter 4: The Turning Points

Chapter 5: Not War, but Murder

Chapter 6: The Killing Fields

Chapter 7: New Birth of Freedom


Civil War: America Divided (3 DVDs)

The American Civil War pitted brother against brother, and in the end, it created a nation. Discover the issues in the unprecedented election of 1860, an election that tore a young nation apart.

Civil War: America Divided is a breathtaking 10-part journey into the bloodiest war in American history, and more than a retelling of history, it brings history to life. Through historical photos and masterfully crafted battlefield re-enactments, experience the war through the soldier's point-of-view. Civil War: America Divided takes you into the battlefields on American soil and explores the events that led to the Firing on Fort Sumter and on through to the surrender at the Appomattox Court House.


1. Two Nations
2. Shifting Fortunes
3. Advance and Retreat
4. Scales of War
5. It is Well That War is So Terrible
6. Give Them Cold Steel
7. Season of Change
8. If It Takes All Summer
9. Marching Through Georgia
10. Lost Cause

Bonus features include historic Civil War photo slide show.


The Civil War: Commemorative Documentary Collection (1 DVD)

In the spring of 1861, decades of simmering tensions between the northern and southern United States exploded into the American Civil War. For four of the bloodiest years in the history of this Republic, the war raged from 1861 to 1865 over issues including states' rights versus federal authority, westward expansion and slavery.

This epic commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the outbreak from Confederate forces transports viewers directly to the frontlines of the most historically significant battles of this fascinating war. With a combination of large-scale reenactments, taking place on actual battlegrounds, and insightful documentary features, this extraordinary collection gives an exciting and in-depth portrayal of the turbulent times that gripped the nation.


1. Mr. Lincoln’s Army – Fighting Brigades of the Army of the Potomac

2. The Battles for Atlanta

3. Shadow in the Valley – The Battle of Chickamauga

4. The Life and Death of the Army of Northern Virginia


Lincoln: Trial by Fire (2 DVDs)

Capture the journey of Lincoln’s life and the struggle for equality in 5 fascinating documentaries and the feature film, Abraham Lincoln!

Explore the life and times of Abraham Lincoln in five insightful documentaries! Witness the stirring events leading up to Lincoln’s assassination and the aftermath that quickly followed. Discover the power struggle between Lincoln and General George McClellan and unravel the events that lead to the Emancipation Proclamation. Uncover the story of the Confederacy’s last attack that almost brought the north to its knees! Also, through full-color, live-action, authentic record learn about the fight for freedom and abolishment of slavery through the eyes of the African-American Civil War Soldier. It’s a historical journey through one the most significant times in our nation’s history.


Lincoln: Trial by Fire
Cliff Robertson narrates this dramatization focuses on the little-known life-and-death struggle of power between President Lincoln and his general in command of the Army of the Potomac, George McClellan, and the events leading to the Emancipation Proclamation.

They’ve Killed President Lincoln
A stirring and factual documentary-drama of those events which occurred immediately prior to the assassination of President Lincoln, as well as dramatically showing the deed and the aftermath.

No Retreat from Destiny: The Battle That Rescued Washington
The true story of the Confederacy’s last great invasion of the north, in July 1864, and the subsequent attack on Washington, D.C. that almost brought the northern war effort to its knees.

Lincoln’s Last Night Part 1 & Part 2
April 14, 1865 Abraham Lincoln is the embodiment of the ‘American Dream.’ This two-part docu-drama tells the fascinating story of Abraham Lincoln and his murderer John Wilkes Booth, the assassin who planned the murder of the President like a Shakespearian plot. “Lincoln’s Last Night” was shot on High-Definition at spectacular locations across the United States. A cast of more than 80 historical actors creates an authentic image of Lincoln’s America.

Fired By Liberty: Black Soldiers of the Civil War
A first-of-its-kind, live-action documentary DVD on the life, uniforms, drill and stories of the African-American Soldiers who fought during the Civil War. Both the United States Colored Troops for the Union and the rarely discussed Blacks who fought for the Confederacy. This Documentary is a full-color, live-action, authentic record of the African-American Soldier of this period. From bondage to “Glory” on the battlefields of the Confederacy, these soldiers fought for their freedom.  Includes all-new intense combat re-enactments.


Up from Slavery (2 DVDs)

Up from Slavery is a powerful, compelling and haunting 7-part documentary series that examines the history of slavery in America, from the arrival of the first African slaves through Nat Turner's Rebellion to the Civil War and beyond.

In 1860, as the American Experiment threatened to explode into a bloody civil war, there were as many as four hundred thousand slave-owners in the United States, and almost four million slaves. The nation was founded upon the idea that all men are created equal and endowed by their creator with the inalienable rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The nation would pay a bloody cost for denying that right to more than twelve percent of its population.

But when slavery was first brought to America's shores, this war, and even the nation it tore apart, was centuries in the future. With incredibly detailed historical reenactments, expert commentary and the stories of slavery told through first-hand accounts, this is an epic struggle 400 years in the making. A journey into the past like none other, this is the story of these men and women who by their hands laid the foundation of what would become the most powerful nation on Earth. Join us as we rise...UP FROM SLAVERY.


Part One: 1619 Virginia - The First African Slaves arrive 

Part Two: 18th Century Colonial America and Slavery under the rule of the British Empire 

Part Three: Slavery in the United States after the Revolution 

Part Four: Nat Turner’s Rebellion, 1831 

Part Five: Abolition from the North grows 

Part Six: The Civil War.  Emancipation Proclamation 

Part Seven: Aftermath of the Civil War and new “freedom” 


The American Soldier – The Complete History of U.S. Wars (1 DVD)

Experience over 300 Years of War History!

Oscar ® winner George Kennedy hosts this expansive, ambitious four-volume documentary series which explores every major conflict in America's bloody history. Filled with historian interviews, dramatic reenactments, paintings, photographs, narration and film clips; The American Soldier spans from the Queen Anne's War of 1702 to the current battle in Iraq.

War has always been part of the American experience. Born and nurtured in war, America grew in strength and power until at the beginning of the 21st Century when it became the foremost military power in the world. With a complete war history, this documentary series spans America's involvement in the Queen Anne's War, the Boston Massacre, the Battle of Tippecanoe, the Black Hawk War, World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the Gulf War and so much more.

This 8 episode series explores the most poignant wartime eras: The Wars of Conflict The Revolutionary War Manifest Destiny Wars The Civil War The Imperial Wars The Global Wars The Cold War The Police Wars DVD-ROM Bonus Features: Downloadable Historical Overview Downloadable Timelines 38 Downloadable Maps


1. The Wars of Conflict

2. The Revolutionary War

3. Manifest Destiny Wars

4. The Civil War

5. The Imperial Wars

6. The Global Wars

7. The Cold War

8. The Police Wars


WWI – The War to End All Wars – (3 DVDs)

WWI: The War to End All Wars is a unique, 10-part, comprehensive look at the war that shaped the 20th Century. Through rare, actual battle footage and rare veteran interviews, The War to End All Wars takes you from the assassination of the Austrian Arch Duke in 1914, to the final desperate battles of 1918. Unique and stunning, you will go-over-the-top on the Western Front and witness the carnage in Russia. You'll take to the skies in the world's first air war and ride with the legendary Lawrence of Arabia.

This is more than a historical or military account of WWI; it is a riveting and personal account of a defining moment in world history. Never before in the history of the world had so many countries fought on so many far-flung battlefields. Never had so many soldiers lost their lives. Never had there been such an unending Hell-on-Earth…Never has there b such a remarkable look at 'The War to End All Wars'.


1. With Flags Waving
2. The Battle of the Frontiers
3. The Taxis of the Marne
4. A War of Chemicals and Engineering
5. Flyboys
6. Citadel
7. Distant Fronts
8. Revolt
9. Changing Tide
10. End Game

Bonus features include historic WWI photo slide show.


War In Europe (2 DVDs)

Offering a vivid depiction of America’s World War II campaign in Europe, the series employs war footage taken from the U.S. Army, Navy and Coast Guard, the British War Office, the National Film Board of Canada and captured Nazi materials. This program highlights strategic sessions with Allied and Axis power leaders and generals. The series is narrated by Westbrook Van Voorhis and Hugh James.


Episode 1: Prelude to War

Episode 2: America’s Unpreparedness

Episode 3: America Goes to War

Episode 4: Platform for Invasion

Episode 5: Africa, Our First Offensive

Episode 6: The Campaign

Episode 7: Rommel Routed

Episode 8: Sicily, Operation Huskey

Episode 9: Assault on Italy

Episode 10: The Secret Life of Adolf Hitler

Episode 11: The G.I., Hero of the War

Episode 12: Victory in Italy

Episode 13: Preparation for Invasion

Episode 14: D-Day, August 4th

Episode 15: Beachhead and Breakthrough

Episode 16: Liberation of Paris

Episode 17: Pursuit

Episode 18: The Battle of Supply

Episode 19: The Air War

Episode 20: The Battle of the Bulge

Episode 21: Crossing the Rhine

Episode 22: Overrunning Germany

Episode 23: Victory’s Aftermath

Episode 24: The Battle of San Pietro

Episode 25: Russia

Episode 26: Review


Victory by Air (1 DVD)

Take flight with an exploration of Aviation’s fascinating and triumphant History!

Almost as soon as Orville and Wilbur Wright achieved the first successful, powered, piloted flight, aeroplanes were drafted for military use, and the rules of war were forever changed. This compelling documentary series follows the history of the aerial assault vehicle from the creation of the aeroplane to its militarization during World War I and the Russian Revolution. Viewers learn that it was the Spanish Civil War that served as the testing ground for the German airplanes of the Third Reich in the lead-up to the Second World War. With remarkable narration and incredible archival footage, including many never-before-seen sequences, this groundbreaking 5-part series is a complete historical overview from 1900 to 1945.

Historical Feats & Aviation Legends!


The Pioneers - In 1903 the Wright Brothers gave the definitive push to aviation, which later, with the arrival of the First World War, was increased with the development of the aeronautic industry.

Monoplanes - Once the Great War was over, a good number of pilots focused in achieving all the challenges imposed by aeronautic engineers.

WWII - The Struggle for Airspace - The Spanish Civil War served as a test field for the German planes of the Third Reich. All around the world, planes increased their performance.

WWII - Technological Improvements - The Race to dominate the skies of the world causes the creation of multiple models that changes war strategies.

New Aircraft, New Weapons, New Frontiers - During WWII the battle fronts reach further into the globe from North Africa to the Pacific Rim changing the range, types, and amount of planes needed to be produced.


Korea: The Forgotten War (3 DVDs)

This game-changing war still resonates today with the U.S. troop’s presence in South Korea and the nascent nuclear threat from the North. This collection of documentary footage chronicles the roots of the conflict as it blossomed into a protracted war that took a heavy toll in American blood and treasure. The immediacy of combat and major conflicts is brought vividly to life capturing the impact of this war on a generation and an entire region.


American Army Combat Team in Korea
Armed Forces Assistance to Korea
The Army Chaplains
Army Medical Corps
Army Transport Corps
Atrocities in Korea
The Big Picture - 2nd Infantry Division in Korea
The Big Picture - 7th Infantry Division in Korea
The Big Picture - Chinese Reds Enter the War
The Big Picture - Korean Cease-Fire Talks Begin
The Big Picture - Korean Wind Up
The Big Picture - The Reds Launch Their Expected Spring Offensive
The Big Picture - The Third Korean Winter
The Big Picture - Turning the Tide
The Big Picture - UN Line is Stabilized While Truce Talks Begin
Christmas in Korea, 1953
Civil Assistance, Korea
Combat Bulletin - Korean UN Offensive
Combat Bulletin - United Nations Consolidate Below the 38th Parallel
Combat Bulletin - United Nations Forces Counterattack
Combat Bulletin - United Nations Forces Cross the 38th Parallel
Combat Bulletin - United Nations Forces Escape the Chinese Trap
Combat Bulletin - United Nations Forces Move North
Combat Bulletin - United Nations Offensive Continues 
A Day in Korea
Firepower - Artillery
The First Forty Days in Korea
A Motion Picture History of the Korean War
Ranger Ready
Rebirth of Seoul
The Republic of Korea Soldier
This is Korea!
Truth is Our Defense


Vietnam War Stories (2 DVDs)

A Unique Insight to the Vietnam experience! 

A 12-Part Documentary Series

Captivating Stories from Fascinating Heroes!

Witness the Vietnam War, its roots, its battles, its heroes and the price paid in the name of freedom. This stunning, detailed collection shows the war with heartbreaking realism. It looks at troubling questions about America's justification for the conflict, the horrors of jungle warfare and the human calamity of the war. Ultimately, it profiles the courage of the soldiers who put their lives on the line in the name of patriotism.

Vietnam War Stories is a 'grand scope project' covering the war years of 1954 to 1975. The timing of this show is right with renewed interested in the conflict as it draws comparisons to the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In addition to the outstanding color action footage in the documentary, we have eyewitness interviews ranging from accounts of policy makers in Washington to remembrances of Grunts who were humping the boonies trying to survive a 365 and a wake up for a trip home on the freedom bird. Since Robert McNamara's confessions won an Oscar, many of the policy makers are willing to speak on the record for the first time.


War Stories – Episode 01

War Stories – Episode 02

War Stories – Episode 03

War Stories – Episode 04

War Stories – Episode 05

War Stories – Episode 06

War Stories – Episode 07

War Stories – Episode 08

War Stories – Episode 09

War Stories – Episode 10

War Stories – Episode 11

“Brothers in Arms:  Their Father's Footsteps”


The Dawn of War – The Early Battles of WWII (2 DVDs)

The Definitive Story of World War II!

The Dawn of War - The Early Battles of WWII takes viewers to the front lines of the European, the Pacific and the African theatres of the deadliest conflict in human history. Entire hours are devoted to the rise of the Axis powers, the horrific battle over Stalingrad, the diplomatic pleas and military ambushes that would unite the Allies and much more.

This compelling 11-part series chronicles the first half of this global military conflict in a masterfully scripted presentation filled with rare and authentic archive footage produced by internationally acclaimed documentarian, Pacific Media.

Featuring rare and never-before-seen footage from the most important early battles of WWII including:

Battle of Britain
Pearl Harbor
El Alamein
and much, much more!


Program 1: Hitler: The Wolf 
Program 2: The Onset: The German-Soviet Expansion
Program 3: The Führer's Revenge
Program 4: The Battle of Britain
Program 5: The Battle of the Atlantic 
Program 6: The Desert Fox 
Program 7: The Invasion of the Soviet Union 
Program 8: Mr. President, What About the Japanese? 
Program 9: Midway: Change of Course 
Program 10: Stalingrad
Program 11: The Desert Rats 


The Fight for Freedom – The Major Battles of WWII (2 DVDs)

A Comprehensive 10-part Series

History as You've Never Seen It Before!

The Fight For Freedom - The Major Battles of WWII takes viewers to the front lines of the European, the Pacific and the African theatres of the deadliest conflict in human history. Entire hours are devoted to the great battles that would define the era and the devastating final conclusion that would introduce the world to the terrible possibilities that exist with atomic weaponry. Masterfully scripted and full of authentic footage, this is a collection that must not be missed!

This comprehensive 10-part series chronicles the second half of this global military conflict in a masterfully scripted presentation filled with rare and authentic archive footage produced by internationally acclaimed documentarians, Pacific Media.

Featuring rare and never-before-seen footage from the most poignant battles
throughout the rest of WWII including:
Invasion of Sicily
Battles in the South Pacific
Invasion of Normandy
The Battle of the Bulge
Battle of Iwo Jima
and much, much more!


Program 1: The Decline of Fascism - Invasion of Sicily, Mussolini's downfall, Ploesti, Invasion of the Italian Peninsula.
Program 2: The Slow Italian Campaign - Cassino, Anzio, Liberation of Rome, the Gothic Line, Liberation of Italy.
Program 3: The Road to Tokyo - The battles for Guadalcanal, Munda, Bougainville and the South-Pacific area launch the thrust to the Japanese Empire's capital city.
Program 4: The Pacific in Flames - The Central Pacific areas, with its huge distances, rekindles the war between the Japanese and the Americans.
Program 5: D-Day – the Allied invasion of Normandy and the Liberation of Paris.
Program 6: The Battle of Kursk - The greatest armored cars' battle in history eased the way for the Soviet troops on the road to Berlin.
Program 7: The Battle for Germany – the Eastern and Western offensives of the Allied and Soviet armies on their way to Berlin, Operation Market Garden.
Program 8: The Agony of the Third Reich - The Battle of the Ardennes (the Battle of the Bulge), Conquest of Berlin, Hitler's death, Germany’s surrender and end of the war in Europe.
Program 9: Leyte, Imperial Destiny - Several naval clashes in the Gulf of Leyte led to the liberation of the Philippines. Along with the British victory in Burma, they opened the way to Tokyo.
Program 10: The Peace of the Atomic Bomb - Iwo Jima, Okinawa, Atomic bombs and the surrender of the Japanese army bring to a close the greatest disaster so far known to mankind - World War II.


The War in the Pacific (2 DVDs)

This amazing documentary chronicles the compelling events that led up to Japan's surprise bombing of the U.S. Naval base at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 and depicts the numerous air, land and sea battles that unfolded from 1942 until the fall of the Japanese empire in 1945. The priceless documentary footage compiled in this collection, sets you squarely in the center of the conflict and reveals the bravery, heroism and sacrifice that were the hallmark of the men and women of our armed forces during their service in World War II.


Episode 1: The Pacific in Eruption

Episode 2: Awakening in the Pacific

Episode 3: The Rise of the Japanese Empire

Episode 4: America Goes to War in the Pacific

Episode 5: The U.S. and the Philippines

Episode 6: The Navy Holds – 1942

Episode 7: Guadalcanal – America’s First Offensive

Episode 8: War in the North – The Aleutians

Episode 9: The Road Back – New Guinea

Episode 10: Up the Solomon’s Ladder – Bougainville

Episode 11: Attack in the Central Pacific – Makin and Tarawa

Episode 12: The War at Sea

Episode 13: Speeding Up the Attack – The Marshalls

Episode 14: Stepping Stones to the Philippines

Episode 15: Battle for the Marianas

Episode 16: The War in the China-Burma-India Theatre

Episode 17: Palau – The Fight for Bloody Nose Ridge

Episode 18: MacArthur Returns to the Philippines

Episode 19: Bloody Iwo

Episode 20: At Japan’s Doorstep - Okinawa

Episode 21: The Air War on Japan

Episode 22: The Surrender and Occupation of Japan

Episode 23: Shifting Tides in the Orient

Episode 24: War in Korea


Hitler – The Untold Story (3 DVDs)

A Shocking Portrait of the Tyrannical Leader...

Over 12 Hours of Compelling Documentaries!

Adolf Hitler has left an incomparable mark of evil on the pages of history & a horrifying legacy that still haunts millions of people around the world. This captivating documentary collection provides a brutal, honest and untold portrait of the life and events of history's most evil dictator.

Chronicling his early years, his life as a corporal in the army, his dark rise to power and all the way through the downfall of the Third Reich, Hitler - The Untold Story exposes the terrifying truth throughout 3 poignant programs on 3 DVDs.

An Exploration of the Rise and Fall of Adolph Hitler and the Third Reich!


Hitler: Anecdotes, Myths & Lies
This 6-part series focuses on the years of Adolf Hitler's political career, from its obscure beginnings to the Nazi leader's final days in the bunker. It recounts the most significant events of his life and follows the Second World War as it unfolds to build up a vivid picture of the personality of the Nazi dictator and those surrounding him, using the most revealing anecdotes and exposing the myths created to maintain Hitler in power and the lies spread by his brutal regime.

1. The Causes of a Mistake - 1920-1937
2. They will not fight by Danzig - 1938-1939
3. A Lucky Gambler - 1939-1940
4. The Supreme Leader - 1940-1941
5. To Win or To Win - 1941-1942
6. He Will Never Return - 1942-1945

The World at War: From Hitler to Hiroshima
This 4-part series delivers World War II in a fresh, dramatic, captivating presentation of this epic struggle. From Hitler to Hiroshima documents Hitler's Germany, Tojo's Japan and Mussolini's Italy as they join forces to crush the free world. Featuring never-before-seen sequences and images collected from years of research and collating through archival footage from non-traditional sources, this epic documentary delivers a unique and horrifying portrait of the Axis Powers' tyrannical campaign to enslave peoples around the globe.

1. European Theater of Operations - Part 1
2. European Theater of Operations - Part 2
3. Pacific Theater of Operations - Part 1
4. Pacific Theater of Operations - Part 2

U-Boats: Hitler's Sharks
From the beginning of the Second World War the sea became a vitally important scene of conflict. Great Britain relied on receiving supplies by sea and, therefore, a total blockade of the United Kingdom was one the main objectives of Hitler's Germany. The British government was forced to maintain a strategy of antisubmarine warfare throughout the conflict, while the Royal Navy sought to interrupt the Third Reich's maritime traffic. In these circumstances the submarine became an important weapon of war. Headed by Karl Dönitz, who would later succeed Hitler as Head of State, the German U-boats gained the initiative in the sea war and from the beginning launched all-out attacks against shipping en route to Great Britain. One of the great unanswered questions of the war is what would have happened if Hitler had granted the numerous requests made by Dönitz for more submarines?

1. Genesis - 1906-1940
2. The Good Times - 1940-1941
3. The Sound of the Drum - 1942-1945

13 Gripping and Fascinating Documentary Features!
Featuring rare archival footage and photographs
A commemorative release surrounding the 65th anniversary of the end of WWII


WWII Remembered – A Complete History (2 DVDs)

In this fascinating 10-part documentary series, compelling interviews with veterans who fought during the most defining time in the history of the modern world recount personal experiences and provide an extraordinary new perspective on the greatest military struggle the world has ever endured. Rare and, in some cases, previously unseen war footage from archives all over the world have been assembled in this poignant and sometimes harrowing documentary which captures the heart and spirit of the 20th Century's greatest conflict.

1939-1945…Six years. Within the scope of history, six years is a relatively short period of time. But these six years entirely changed the world - producing battles and shaping lives beyond anything civilized man had ever known. Thirty-five million people died in this war and many of them were never in uniform. As for the men in uniform, these soldiers witnessed incredible events and performed duties that redefined bravery. There was no ambiguity regarding good and evil. When it all finally came to an end, the whole planet had to look forward to see what the future would bring, but they also had to look back to see what the world had learned.


Episode 1 Pre-War Years
Episode 2 Attack on Great Britain
Episode 3 Pearl Harbor
Episode 4 March Into Russia
Episode 5 Birth of Special Forces
Episode 6 The Information War
Episode 7 Battle of China
Episode 8 Women in Wartime
Episode 9 Turning the Tide
Episode 10 Final Victory


Ten 1-hour segments chronicling every facet of this captivating war.
Interviews with war veterans giving their personal accounts of the war.
Rare and never-before-seen war footage collected from Special Service Division, Army Service Forces, The Signal Corps, The National Archives, the Library of Congress and more!
Narrated by Joseph Brutsman


That Was ‘Nam (2 DVDs)

The Story of Vietnam as told by the grunts who served their 365 days in hell. This is the complete story of the air war over the North and the battles for the valleys and Highlands of the South.


Ep. 01 - A Day in Vietnam
Ep. 02 - The Army Air Mobility Team
Ep. 03 - Pipeline to Victory
Ep. 04 - Huey in a Helicopter War
Ep. 05 - Alone, Unarmed & Unafraid
Ep. 06 - Fight For Life
Ep. 07 - American Navy in Vietnam

Ep. 08 - Battle of Khe Sahn
Ep. 09 - Probe and Pursue
Ep. 10 - River Patrol
Ep. 11 - Any Target, Any Time
Ep. 12 - Progress to Peace
Ep. 13 - Operation New Life

“Airpower” - Vietnam to Desert Storm


Trial by Ordeal/Shadow Warriors (1 DVD)

Trial by Ordeal - This series tells the stories of some of America's legendary groups of fighting men who persevered and triumphed in the worst of places and at the worst of times.
Shadow Warriors
- This is the true story of America's Special Operation warriors in Vietnam... Green Beret, Ranger, SOG Seal, Marine Force Recon. Hear from the men who created a legend and a code that today's Special Ops forces live and die by. These warriors will be critical to success in the upcoming conflict.


Trial by Ordeal: 1st Cavalry in 'Nam

Trial by Ordeal: USS Forrestal

Shadow Warriors: Part One

Shadow Warriors: Part Two


Vietnam – America’s Conflict (4 DVDs)

Be an eyewitness to the conflict that divided our nation and changed the very fabric of society. This collection of harrowing and compelling footage traces the evolution of this conflict from a regional military engagement to an ever-expanding war that ultimately spanned three U.S. Presidents. From strategic political move to the immediacy of jungle warfare and the weapons with which the war was waged, Vietnam: America's Conflict captures the sweep of history and the agony of a generation.


1st Air Cavalry in Vietnam
1st Infantry in Vietnam
4th Infantry Division
9th Infantry Division
11th Armored Cavalry Regiment
82nd Airborne Division
The Airmobile Division
The American Navy in Vietnam
Another Day of War - The USAF in Vietnam
Battle (Part 1)
The Battle of Khe Sanh
Beans, Bullets and Black Oil (Narrated by Henry Fonda)
Contact - Ambush (Part 2)
A Day in Vietnam
The Drill Sergeant
The Face of Rescue
A Few Good Men
For Thou Art With Me
Full Blade
The Gentle Hand
Hall of Honor
The Hidden War in Vietnam
History of the Air Force - Vietnam and After
Khe Sanh: Victory for Air Power
Know Your Enemy: The Viet Cong
Marines, 1965
A Nation Builds Under Fire
Night of the Dragon
No Substitute for Victory
Operation Montagnard
POW - A Report on Captivity in Southeast Asia
Progress to Peace
Ready to Strike
Red Chinese Battle Plans
Report on Marine Activities
River Patrol
Sand and Steel
Screaming Eagles in Vietnam
Sky Soldiers
Small Boat Navy
Sparrow Hawk
There is a Way
This is Parris Island (Marine training 1969)
To Save a Soldier
Twenty Five Hour Day
The Unique War
The United States Air Force in Vietnam
Vietnam: The Big Picture
Vietnam: P.O.W. Code of Conduct
Vietnam Crucible
Vietnam! Vietnam!
War and Advice
Why Vietnam


Victory at Sea (2 DVDs)

The Legendary World War II Documentary” -DVD Verdict

…this feature-length documentation of arms and the men in World War II is a vivid reminder well worth repeating.” -New York Times

Victory at Sea has a secure place in the history of documentary television” -DVD Verdict

This Emmy® and Peabody® award-winning TV series chronicled naval warfare during WWII. Originally aired on NBC and developed with full cooperation from the US Navy, this 26 episode program includes 13,000 hours of wartime footage and features the major battles such as the Battle of the North Atlantic, the attack on Pearl Harbor and the Battle of Midway. Audiences faithfully watched and admired this entertaining and relevant program.


Design for War

The Pacific Boils Over

Seal the Breach

Midway Is East

Mediterranean Mosaic


Rings around Rabaul

Mare Nostrum

Sea and Sand

Beneath The Southern Cross

The Magnetic North

Conquest of Micronesia

Melanesian Nightmare

Roman Renaissance


Killers and the Kill

The Turkey Shoot

Two If By Sea

The Battle for Leyte Gulf

Return of the Allies

Full Fathom Five

The Fate of Europe

Target Suribachi

The Road to Mandalay

Suicide for Glory

Design for Peace


The Medal of Honor – The Stories of Our Nation’s Most Celebrated Heroes (2 DVDs)

The Medal of Honor is awarded for conspicuous gallantry and intrepidity at the risk of his or her life above and beyond the call of duty while engaged in an action against an enemy of the United States.

This 6-part documentary chronicles the highest award given to military personnel for their extreme bravery, valor and harrowing sacrifices. Covering the Civil War through the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, learn about the most courageous acts performed by the people who fight for American freedom. These are their stories...


1. The Civil War

2. World War One

3. World War Two Europe

4. World War Two Pacific

5. The Korean War

6. The Vietnam War


The United States Military – A History of Heroes (2 DVDs)

A Tradition of Honor, A Legacy of Valor!

The United States Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps have for more than two centuries proven themselves to be proud and honored defenders of America’s freedoms and liberties. Experience the long and proud tradition of the men and women who served our nation’s interest and advance the national cause in this dynamic 7-Part Documentary series. With new and impressive historical recreations and museum level attention to detail, this series gives viewers an exclusive look into the legendary stories of both tragedy and triumph that created – A History of Heroes.


The U.S. Navy: 1775 - 1914
The evolution of America’s Navy 1775 to 1914, from non-existent to one of the greatest sea powers in the world

The U.S. Navy: 1915 - Today
The technological advances propelled by the U.S. Navy from 1915 to present day have ensured that our sailors are an unparalleled nautical force

The U.S. Marine Corps: 1775 - 1916
The origins and creation of our nation’s stopgap military force from 1775 – 1916

The U.S. Marine Corps: 1917 - Today
The colorful history and evolution of the men and women of our nation’s Marine Corps from 1917 to today

The U.S. Air Force: 1903 - Today
The evolution of our nation’s superiority in the skies, from 1903 to today

The U.S. Army: 1775 - 1899
The proud history and traditions of the soldiers who stood against our nations enemies to defended our freedoms, from 1775 to 1899

The U.S. Army: 1900 - Today
The advancement and reform of our nations Army, from 1900 to today


The Great Indian Wars: 1540 – 1890 (1 DVD)

Brought to you by the award-winning production company Centre Communications, this series is truly one of a kind and is sure to satisfy history buffs and documentary enthusiasts. This DVD set also includes bonus features containing biographies, timelines, rare photographs and maps!

The year 1540 was a crucial turning point in American history. The Great Indian Wars were incited by Francisco Vazquez de Coronado when his expedition to the Great Plains launched the inevitable 350-year struggle between the white man and the American Indians. From that point forward, the series of battles between the military and civilian forces of the United States and the Native American Indians began when blood was shed and ultimately tens of thousands of lives were lost on both sides. The Battle of Tippecanoe, the Battle of Horseshoe Band, all three Seminole Wars and the Battle of Little Big Horn were some of the most important conflicts that led up to the last massacre, the Battle of Wounded Knee, where America's landscape would be forever changed!


1. The Indians
Early Indians
Buffalo & Horse
Rise of the Horse Culture
Social Structure

2. The Cavalry
Protecting the Trails
Fort Laramie
The Laramie Treaty
Santa Fe Trail
Kit Carson & the Navajo
Search & Destroy
Buffalo Soldiers

3. The Indian Warrior
Early Indian Conflicts
Later Indian Conflicts
Becoming an Indian Warrior
Indian Weapons
Minnesota Massacre
Sand Creek Massacre

4.  Battle for the Northern Plains
The Northern Plains
The Chiefs
1865 Winter Offensive
Red Cloud's War
Chief Roman Nose and the Cheyenne Twilight
Little Big Horn
Wounded Knee

5.  Battle for the Southern Plains
The Southern Plains & The Comanche
Council House Fight and the Texas Rangers
Chief Buffalo Hump's War
First Battle of Adobe Walls & the Kiowa Chiefs
The Red River War
The Desert Southwest
Cochise & the Apache Guerillas


Outside the Wire – The Complete Series (1 DVD)

To many, Iraq is just a place on a map, but this compelling documentary series showcases the real Iraq, directly from the American soldier´¥Æs point of view. Follow the captivating journey of filmmaker, reporter and former Marine JD Johannes in this poignant and in-depth look at the war in Iraq. Witness actual battle scenes and testimonies from soldiers on why they fight and what it is like to go outside the wire and into combat. Go beyond the headlines... Forget what the politicians and pundits say... See the war from the ground... Go...OUTSIDE THE WIRE!


- Call Sign Vengeance

Shot in 2005, follows a Marine Corps infantry unit through their deployment to the Fallujah area.

2 - Danger Close

An in-depth look at the fierce battle between the U.S. Army and the forces of Al Qaida.  Meet the heroic paratroopers who defeated Al Qaida in one of Iraq's most dangerous places.

3 - Anbar Awakens

The greatest strategic turn-around of the Iraq War – the tribes of Al Anbar province join with the coalition to fight Al Qaida.  Hear from tribal leaders and coalition officers how Al Anbar went from being lost to won in less than a year.

4 - Baghdad Surge

See the tactics that led to the success of the troop surge up close and in person.  Follow an Army infantry Captain through a typical 'day-of-the-surge' and see the battle for Baghdad from the asphalt level.

5 - Baghdad Happens

Ride along with U.S. Soldiers as they get into a firefight, capture a terrorist and rescue a hostage during a typical afternoon in Baghdad.

Special Thanks to: II Marine Expeditionary Force, 4th IBCT/1ID, The Black Lions, Battle Company, Vengeance Platoon, Blackfoot Company, Alpha 1-18, Colonel GI Wilson, USMC (Ret.)

Warning: Contains material suitable for mature audiences only.


Sniper: The Unseen Warrior (2 DVDs)

The sniper, first and foremost, is a hunter...his weapon is a rifle...his prey...another human being. None have embraced this world better than the American sniper. From the American Revolution to the modern wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the American sniper has been the most efficient weapon on the battlefield.

SNIPER: THE UNSEEN WARRIOR comprises real-life tales from the military’s front line snipers, their hits and their misses, the anguish of loss, and the anxiety of the first kill, spanning from the American Revolution to the modern day conflicts in the Middle East.

This fascinating documentary series delivers heart-pounding real-life tales from the military’s most experienced snipers. Few military feats stir the imagination like the image of a pair of riflemen waiting quietly in a building, in a bomb crater, or a mountain pass for the enemy to walk into their crosshairs. Bonus feature includes Interactive Timeline which chronicles the past and present transformation of the Sniper.


Program 1:  Sniper: The Unseen Warrior- Who is the Sniper?

1. Personality of the Sniper

2. Sniper Training

3. Sniper Equipment

Program 2:  Sniper: The Unseen Warrior – The Sniper in War

1. Missions

2. First Kill

3. Confirmed Kills

Program 3:  Sniper: The Unseen Warrior– The Revolutionary War to the Mexican American War

1. America’s First Snipers

2. The Revolutionary War

3. Between the Great American Wars

Program 4:  Sniper: The Unseen Warrior - The Civil War to WWII

1. The Civil War

2. The Plains Indian War

3. WWI


Program 5:  Sniper: The Unseen Warrior – The Korean War to the Police Wars

1. The Korean War

2. The Vietnam War

3. The Police Wars

Program 6:  Sniper: The Unseen Warrior- The American Sniper in the 21st Century

1. The Law Enforcement Sniper

2. Iraq and Afghanistan

3. Myths and Misconceptions

Bonus feature: Interactive Timeline chronically the Sniper from the American Revolutionary War to modern day warfare. 

With Special Thanks to the United States Marine Corps and The National Rifle Association.