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Hollywood Legends - Shirley Temple


Hollywood Legends

Shirley Temple

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Shirley Temple
Richard Greene, Randolph Scott, Arthur Treacher, Merna Kennedy
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6 Hours 33 Minutes
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Region 1
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Mill Creek Entertainment
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Hollywood Legends - Shirley Temple
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America's Little Princess

Temple is Tops!


Disc One

The Little Princess
The first Technicolor feature for Shirley Temple tells the tale of Sara Crewe, a young Victorian England schoolgirl enrolled into a boarding school by her father since he is being sent off to fight in the Boer War. Due to her father’s wealth and status, Sara is given special treatment that causes the other girls to dislike her. When her father is reported killed in action and she is now penniless, the cruel headmistress forces Sara to live in the drafty attic and work long hours in the kitchen to pay her room and board. Sara keeps her hopes up by thinking her father is still alive and bravely travels the streets of London to visit the wounded soldiers at the military hospital. Things turn out better for Sara with a fateful reunion capping this classic tale.
Starring Shirley Temple, Richard Greene, Arthur Treacher
(1939) Color 91 Minutes Unrated

Law of Vengeance
After the Civil War, the patriarch of a Kentucky family looks to move out West for new opportunities and to leave behind the vicious feud his family has had for years with another family. Upon arriving and settling down on their new land, the family discovers a feud is ongoing between cattle ranchers and sheepherders cause by his family and the rivals from back home. Hoping to end the bitter battle once and for all, the man appears to be headed for a marriage with a woman from the rival family and a deadly showdown.
Starring Randolph Scott, Shirley Temple, Esther Ralston, Jack LaRue
(1933) B&W 70 Minutes Unrated (Violence)

The Red-Haired Alibi
A small-town beauty becomes part of a gangster’s plot when he brings her to New York City. The gangster uses the girl as his alibi for when his gang commits their crimes. After catching on to her beau’s true identity, she attempts to escape with help from another man. This film is the feature-film debut of the biggest child star of silver screen, Shirley Temple.
Starring Shirley Temple, Merna Kennedy, Theodore von Eltz
(1932) B&W 67 Minutes Unrated

Disc Two

Dora’s Dunkin’ Doughnuts
Andy, the single schoolteacher has a crush on Dora, the local baker and she is proud to show him her perfected doughnut, one that soaks up your coffee and floats. Andy thinks that she could help her failing business by advertising on the radio so he convinces her to buy time on a local station and put on a show. Using his class as the entertainment, Andy’s intentions to have a perfect radio show go awry, with the help of little Shirley (Shirley Temple).
Starring Shirley Temple, Andy Clyde, Ethyl Sykes
(1933) B&W 19 Minutes Unrated

Glad Rags to Riches
An early Shirley Temple single-reel short film featuring our favorite cherub as the star of a nightclub show. Diaperina (Shirley Temple) is forced to perform for the unscrupulous nightclub owner until her country boyfriend arrives to rescue her. This was part of the Baby Burlesk shorts series directed by Charles Lamont.
Starring Shirley Temple, Eugene Butler, Georgie Smith
(1933) B&W 9 Minutes Unrated

Kid ‘N’ Africa
This early Shirley Temple one-reel comedy has her starring as Madame Cradlebait, an African missionary out to civilize and convert the natives. She and her party are captured by cannibals and are going to be eaten. Her cries of help reach Diaperzan (Daniel Boone Jr.), who comes to the rescue and saves her from the cannibals.
Starring Shirley Temple, Danny Boone Jr.
(1933) B&W 8 Minutes Unrated

Kid ‘N’ Hollywood
An early Shirley Temple film which is part of a series of movies made casting children in normally adult film roles. Temple stars as Morelegs Sweetkick, a young actress who doesn’t get the lead role in a production. However, when the star refuses to perform, she is called in to save the show and get her big break into show business.
Starring Shirley Temple, Georgie Billings, Gloria Ann Mack
(1933) B&W 9 Minutes Unrated

Managed Money
This early Shirley Temple short features her as the little sister tagging along with her older brother and his friend on a series of adventures. The story centers on Sonny (Frank Coghlan Jr.) and his best friend who set out for some fun and adventure before the friend is sent off to a military academy. Accompanied by Sonny’s little sister Mary Lou (Shirley Temple), the two boys investigate a haunted mansion and set off to find gold in the California desert.
Starring Shirley Temple, Frank Coghlan Jr., Helene Chadwick
(1933) B&W 18 Minutes Unrated

Merrily Yours
This two-reel short features child star Shirley Temple as the tag-along little sister of Sonny (Frank Coghlan Jr.). Sonny has to deal with the taunts of his fellow classmates due to the beat-up car he drives. When a beautiful new neighbor moves in next door, Sonny befriends her and must come to her rescue when the local rich kid sets his sights upon her.
Starring Shirley Temple, Frank Coghlan Jr., Georgie Smith
(1932) B&W 20 Minutes Unrated

Pardon My Pups
This delightful short features everyone’s favorite cherub, Shirley Temple. The story involves Temple and her brother Sonny, who has a terrible fear of dogs, and his father’s insistence that he overcome his fear. Running away from home to escape his father’s ire, Sonny discovers a lost dog, so he overcomes his fear and brings the animal home to nurse it back to health. When he shows the dog to his father, Sonny is ordered to take it to the pound to be destroyed; not knowing the dog belongs to one of his friends. Can Sonny’s friend stop him in time to save the dog?
Starring Shirley Temple, Frank Coghlan Jr., Kenneth Howell
(1934) B&W 18 Minutes Unrated

The Pie Covered Wagon
“The Pie Covered Wagon” is part of the Baby Burlesk series of shorts where children were cast in the roles normally performed by adults. This short involves settlers traveling in a wagon train encountering Native Americans. Our young heroine Shirley is tied to the stake and must be rescued by our hero before something terrible happens to her.
Starring Shirley Temple, Georgie Smith, Eugene Butler
(1932) B&W 9 Minutes Unrated

Polly Tix in Washington
Part of the “Baby Burlesks” series of comedy shorts, this film featured a young Shirley Temple in the title role of Polly Tix, a Washington call girl. Polly is sent by some of the senior members of Congress to persuade a politician from a rural constituency to vote their way.
Starring Shirley Temple
(1933) B&W 9 Minutes Unrated

War Babies
This short film features babies and small children in roles typically reserved for adults with the theme of this feature being a war time hot spot where doughboys and dancing girls mingle. The featured gal in the dance revue is Charmaine (Shirley Temple), a gal who makes the soldier’s heads spin. Check out the entertainment and action at Buttermilk Pete’s Café!
Starring Shirley Temple, Georgie Billings, Eugene Butler
(1932) B&W 9 Minutes Unrated

Biggest Lil’ Star of the 30’s
This classic short subject title features America’s favorite cherub, Shirley Temple, in a film highlighting her cinematic exploits in the early 1930’s.
Starring Shirley Temple
(1933) B&W 8 Minutes Unrated