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Greatest Western Heroes - 12 DVD Set


Greatest Western Heroes

12 DVD Set

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John Wayne, Roy Rogers, Clayton Moore, Lee Powell
Bill Williams, Gail Davis, Gabby Hayes, Duncan Renaldo
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67 hr 12 min
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BD Region A
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Mill Creek Entertainment
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Greatest Western Heroes - 12 DVD Set
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Harken back to those glorious days of early entertainment when Cowboys were King and the West was still wild!

The hard-riding, fast-shooting western heroes John Wayne, Roy Rogers, The Lone Ranger, Kit Carson, Annie Oakley and many more are wrangled together in this legendary 12 DVD collection. Re-live the courage, toughness, humor and loyalty of the American West through the charisma and talent of your favorite Cowboy icons.


The Adventures of Kit Carson - Television Series (1955) B&W Bill Williams
    1. Hideout
    2. The Teton Tornado
    3. The Trap

The American West of John Ford (Documentary) (1971) Color John Wayne

Angel and the Badman (1947) B&W John Wayne

Annie Oakley - Television Series (1957) B&W Gail Davis
    1. Desperate Men
    2. Grubstake Bank
    3. Outlaw Brand
    4. Valley of the Shadows

The Arizona Kid (1939) B&W Roy Rogers

Bells of Rosarita (1945) B&W Roy Rogers

Bells of San Angelo (1942) Color Roy Rogers

Billy the Kid Returns (1938) B&W Roy Rogers

Blue Steel (1934) B&W John Wayne

Carson City Kid (1940) B&W Roy Rogers

The Cisco Kid - Television Series (1951) Color Duncan Renaldo
    1. The Bates Story
    2. Medicine Man Show
    3. Ride On
    4. Sleeping Gas

Colorado (1940) B&W Roy Rogers

Cowboy and the Senorita (1944) B&W Roy Rogers

Cowboy G-Men - Television Series (1952) B&W Russell Hayden: Safe Cracker

The Dawn Rider (1935) B&W John Wayne

Days of Jesse James (1939) B&W Roy Rogers

Desert Command (1933) B&W John Wayne

The Desert Trail (1935) B&W John Wayne

The Gabby Hayes Show - Television Series (1956) B&W Gabby Hayes
    1. Muscles
    2. Silver Skate
    3. Telescope

Hands Across the Border (1944) B&W Roy Rogers

Heldorado (1946) B&W Roy Rogers

Hell Town (1937) B&W John Wayne

His Private Secretary (1933) B&W John Wayne

The Hurricane Express (1932) B&W John Wayne

In Old Caliente (1939) B&W Roy Rogers

Judge Roy Bean - Television Series (1956) Color Edgar Buchanan: Family Ties

King of the Cowboys (1943) B&W Roy Rogers

The Lawless Frontier (1935) B&W John Wayne

Lights of Old Santa Fe (1944) B&W Roy Rogers

The Lone Ranger: 1938 Movie Serial: Lee Powell
    1. Hi-Yo Silver B&W
    2. Thundering Earth B&W
    3. The Pitfall B&W
    4. Agent of Treachery B&W
    5. The Steaming Cauldron B&W
    6. Red Man’s Courage B&W
    7. Wheels of Disaster B&W
    8. Fatal Treasure B&W
    9. The Missing Spur B&W
    10. Flaming Fury B&W
    11. The Silver Bullet B&W
    12. Escape B&W
    13. The Fatal Plunge B&W
    14. Messengers of Doom B&W
    15. The Last of the Rangers B&W

The Lone Ranger - Television Series (1949) Clayton Moore
    1. Enter the Lone Ranger B&W
    2. The Lone Ranger Fights On B&W
    3. The Lone Ranger Triumphs B&W
    4. Legion of Old Timers B&W
    5. Rustlers’ Hideout B&W
    6. War Horse B&W
    7. Pete and Pedro B&W
    8. The Renegades B&W
    9. The Tenderfeet B&W
    10. High Heels B&W
    11. Six Gun’s Legacy B&W
    12. The Return of the Convict B&W
    13. Finders Keepers B&W
    14. The Masked Rider B&W
    15. Old Joe’s Sister B&W
    16. Cannonball McKay B&W
    17. A Message from Abe Color

The Lucky Texan (1934) B&W John Wayne

The Man From Utah (1934) B&W John Wayne

Mclintock! (1963) B&W John Wayne

My Pal Trigger (1946) B&W Roy Rogers

'Neath the Arizona Skies (1934) B&W John Wayne

Paradise Canyon (1935) B&W John Wayne

Rainbow Valley (1935) B&W John Wayne

Randy Rides Alone (1934) B&W John Wayne

Riders of Destiny (1933) B&W John Wayne

Robin Hood of the Pecos (1941) B&W Roy Rogers

Rough Riders’ Round-Up (1939) B&W Roy Rogers

The Roy Rogers Show - Television Series (1952) B&W Roy Rogers
    1. The Hermit's Secret
    2. The Minister's Son

Sagebrush Trail (1933) B&W John Wayne

The Shadow of the Eagle (1932) B&W John Wayne

Sheriff of Tombstone (1941) B&W Roy Rogers

The Star Packer (1934) B&W John Wayne

Texas Terror (1935) B&W John Wayne

The Trail Beyond (1934) B&W John Wayne

Under California Stars (1948) Color Roy Rogers

Utah (1945) B&W Roy Rogers

West of the Divide (1934) B&W John Wayne

Winds of the Wasteland (1936) B&W John Wayne

Young Bill Hickok (1940) B&W Roy Rogers