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Gorehouse Greats Collection - 12 Cult Classic Features


Gorehouse Greats Collection

12 Cult Classic Features

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John Carradine, Tor Johnson, Robert Alda
Cameron Mitchell, Alex Rocco, John Nolen
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17 Hours 10 Minutes
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Region 0
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Mill Creek Entertainment
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Gorehouse Greats Collection - 12 Cult Classic Features
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From Crown International Pictures Incorporated, presents 12 cult horror classics that will surely entertain and fit everybody's budget. For over 40 years as a leading force in independent film production and distribution to a worldwide entertainment industry, Crown International has produced quality films with big stars like John Carradine, Tor Johnson, Robert Alda, Cameron Mitchell, Alex Rocco and John Nolan. These 12 original theatrical releases are brought together for the first time in this DVD set!


Blood Mania
Starring Peter Carpenter, Maria de Aragon, Vicki Peters
(1970) Color 80 Minutes Rated R
A nightmare of unspeakable terror, this Gothic-like horror tale is about a young doctor who’s haunted by a questionable past and entrapped in a hopeless present by jealousy, blackmail and finally, murder!

Blood of Dracula’s Castle
Starring John Carradine, Paula Raymond
(1969) Color 83 Minutes Rated R
A chilling, blood-curdling tale about a young couple that inherits an old castle but finds it already inhabited by a crusty butler, an obsessed killer and a couple of vampires, who kidnap and sacrifice young girls in order to live on and on....

Brain Twisters
Starring Terry Londeree, Farrah Forke, Joe Lombardo
(1991) Color 91 Minutes Not Rated
A mad, sci-fi thriller about an experiment in computer-generated mind control that goes out of control...and the body count is building!

The Devil’s Hand
Starring Robert Alda, Linda Christian, Neil Hamilton
(1962) B&W 71 Minutes Not Rated
A man is haunted by visions of a beautiful woman and, when visiting a doll shop, comes across a doll that looks just like her. Finding out from the shop owner that the doll is fashioned after a woman in the neighborhood, the man visits her and finds out she's part of a devil-worshipping cult headed by the doll shop keeper. The man is faced with deciding over staying with his ailing fiancé or taking the offer of the mysterious woman and becoming a member of the cult.

The Madmen of Mandoras
Starring Walter Stocker, Audrey Caire, Carlos Rivas
(1963) B&W 73 Minutes Not Rated
Filled with action, this dramatic story is about a group of fanatics on the island of Mandoras who - in their attempts to eliminate all threats to their diabolical plot to conquer the world - kidnap a famous American neurobiologist, triggering a rescue search that blows their plan to bits.

Nightmare in Wax
Starring Cameron Mitchell, Anne Helm, Scott Brady
(1969) Color 94 Minutes Rated PG
A former Hollywood make-up artist becomes the curator of a wax museum, where his wax creations are drawing large crowds to see the exhibits. Unfortunately, there are some terrible secrets held by this curator behind his wax figures and himself. These secrets lead to some mysterious disappearances that need some investigating.

Prime Evil
Starring William Beckwith, Christine Moore, Mavis Harris
(1988) Color 86 Minutes Rated R
Set in present day New York City, this supernatural thriller follows the lives of a sect of monks, which - through human sacrifice for the Devil - has achieved immortality and is still wreaking havoc today.

Satan’s Slave
Starring Michael Gough, Barbara Kellerman, Martin Potter
(1976) color 87 Minutes Rated R
On her way to a relaxing vacation at her uncle’s isolated country mansion, a young woman is instead tortured and terrorized by her uncle and cousin, who - unbeknownst to her - are disciples of Satan!

Starring Chris Robinson, Alex Rocco, Steve Alaimo
(1972) Color 106 Minutes Rated PG
Sizzling with suspense and action, this dramatic story is about an embittered Vietnam veteran who retreats from society into the Florida Everglades and becomes inseparable companions with a pet rattlesnake...a pet he teaches to kill on command!

Starring Rod Lauren, Steve Drexel, Tracy Olsen
(1963) B&W 80 Minutes Not Rated
A college psychology student, intent on writing a term paper on how much terror the human mind can endure, learns his answers first-hand as he finds himself the target of a mysterious, hooded killer.

Starring John Nolan, Carolyn Courage, James Aubrey
(1978) Color 84 Minutes Rated R
A horror-filled study of supernatural forces and their powers, this tense drama is about a strange creature that has sworn revenge for its death on a young British heir and his close friends.

Trip with the Teacher
Starring Zalman King, Brenda Fogarty, Susan Russell
(1975) Color 89 Minutes Rated R
A chilling experience in terror as a group of female students and their pretty teacher are ambushed, while on a field trip, by a sadistic killer and his brother, forcing the women to learn a lesson in survival.