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Fistful of Bullets - A Spaghetti Western Collection - 16 Films


Fistful of Bullets

A Spaghetti Western Collection
16 Films

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Action, Western
Lee Van Cleef, Richard Harrison
Jack Palance, Klaus Kinski
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25 Hours 22 Minutes
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BD Region A
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Mill Creek Entertainment
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Fistful of Bullets - A Spaghetti Western Collection - 16 Films
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Sixteen specially selected classic Western films starring Lee Van Cleef, Richard Harrison, Jack Palance, Klaus Kinski and many more!

You'll be thrilled at the action, suspense, comedy and drama involved with this 16 film DVD set. Tiles include Apache Blood, Between God, the Devil and a Winchester, Beyond the Law, Death Rides a Horse, The Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe, Find a Place to Die, Fistful of Lead, God's Gun, Grand Duel, Gunfight at Red Sands, It Can Be Done Amigo, Johnny Yuma, Sundance and the Kid, This Man Can't Die, Trinity and Sartana & Twice a Judas!


Apache Blood
(1975) Color 89 Minutes Rated R
Starring Ray Danton, De Witt Lee, Troy Nabors
An Apache brave, the surviving member of his tribe, vows to avenge his people by finding and killing the soldiers responsible for their deaths.

Between God, the Devil and a Winchester
(1968) Color 98 Minutes Rated R
Starring Richard Harrison, Gilbert Roland, Ennio Girolami
A map to a hidden treasure taken from a Spanish Mission is recovered by a young boy, who takes it to the local priest.

Beyond The Law
(1968) Color 109 Minutes Not Rated
Starring Lee Van Cleef, Antonio Sabato, Lionel Stander
A western town gains a new sheriff with a dark past and a hidden agenda. It turns out the new sheriff is really a former bandit pretending to have reformed his ways.

Death Rides a Horse
(1968) Color 114 Minutes Not Rated
Starring Lee Van Cleef, John Phillip Law, Anthony Dawson
Bill Meceita (John Phillip Law), as a young boy, witnessed the assault and murder of his parents and sister by a gang of four robbers.

The Fighting Fists of Shanghai Joe
(1972) Color 94 Minutes Rated R
Starring Chen Lee, Klaus Kinski, Gordon Mitchell
A Chinese immigrant with amazing Martial Arts fighting skills arrives in the American Old West and finds it full of injustice, especially for outsiders such as him.

Find a Place to Die
(1968) Color 89 Minutes Not Rated
Starring Jeffrey Hunter, Pascale Petit, Ted Carter
A sister and brother come into possession of a gold mine but are attacked and driven off by a gang of thieves.

Fistful of Lead
(1970) Color 93 Minutes Not Rated
Starring George Hilton, Charles Southwood, Erica Blanc
Gunfighter and bounty hunter Sartana finds himself the witness to the robbery of a gold shipment by a band of desperados.

God’s Gun
(1975) Color 97 Minutes Rated R
Starring Lee Van Cleef, Jack Palance, Richard Boone
A retired gunslinger heads to Juno City to seek revenge upon the man who murdered his twin brother, the local parish priest.

Grand Duel
(1974) Color 90 Minutes Rated R
Starring Lee Van Cleef, Horst Frank, Peter O’Brien
In one of a long series of spaghetti westerns, Lee Van Cleef stars as Clayton, a hard-as-nails gunman who is pitted against an equally tough opponent in Saxon (Horst Frank).

Gunfight at Red Sands
(1964) Color 95 Minutes Not Rated
Starring Richard Harrison, Giacomo Rossi-Stuart, Mikaela
This thrill-packed feature stars Richard Harrison as a Civil War fighter, who engages in bloody combat with the enemy, and wages a personal vendetta against his despised foster father.

It Can Be Done Amigo
(1973) Color 98 Minutes Rated PG
Starring Jack Palance, Bud Spencer, Renato Cestie
Coburn has seduced Sonny’s sister, and now Sonny is insistent that the young punk marry her to escape the shame and stigma of their behavior.

Johnny Yuma
(1966) Color 100 Minutes Not Rated
Starring Mark Damon, Lawrence Dobkin, Rosalba Neri
A woman sets her sights upon her husband’s fortune and enlists her brother into murdering the man.

Sundance and the Kid
(1969) Color 83 Minutes Not Rated
Starring Giuliano Gemma, Nino Benvenuti, Sydne Rome
Two constantly fighting brothers receive news of a huge inheritance and will split $300,000 if they can live together for six months.

This Man Can’t Die
(1967) Color 90 Minutes Not Rated
Starring Guy Madison, Lucienne Bridou, Rik Battaglia
A government agent working on an arms smuggling assignment returns home to find his parents murdered and his sister assaulted.

Trinity and Sartana
(1972) Color 102 Minutes Not Rated
Starring Robert Widmark, Harry Baird, Beatrice Pella
Sartana (Robert Widmark) and Trinity (Harry Baird) are two cowboys who reluctantly team up, even though both of them have a tendency to get into trouble.

Twice a Judas
(1969) Color 92 Minutes Not Rated
Starring Klaus Kinski, Antonio Sabato, Cristina Galbo
Luke Barrett, a man who was swindled and his wife and father murdered, ends up with amnesia which hinders his attempt to track down the culprit.