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Drive-In Cult Classics Collection - 200 Film Set


Drive-In Cult Classics

200 Cult Classic Films
Shadow Box Collection

$ 99.98 MSRP


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Action, Comedy, Drama, Horror, Mystery
William Shatner, Adam West, Matt Dillon, Glenn Ford
Johnny Cash, John Savage, Karen Black, Jayne Mansfield
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290 hr 32 min
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Region 1
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Mill Creek Entertainment
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Drive-In Cult Classics Collection - 200 Film Set
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Hard-To-Find Cinematic Classics!

Turn away from the typical Hollywood fare and prepare for an offbeat trip with some of cinema’s most eccentric far-out films. This 50 DVD collection of strange, surreal, outrageous and straight up weird cult classics is packed with 200 genre-defining films that are anything but mainstream. Celebrate the emotional roller-coaster of youth with these outlandish and quirky tales of adolescent insanity! From hipster vampires to androids in love and all species in-between, discover the nocturnal nonsense lurking around every corner of this camptastic collection!

Featuring Super Stars: William Shatner (Star Trek), Adam West (TV's Batman), Matt Dillon (There’s Something About Mary), Glenn Ford (Superman), Johnny Cash (The Man In Black), Zalman King (Red Shoe Diaries), John Savage (Hair), Karen Black (House of 1000 Corpses), Jayne Mansfield (Too Hot To Handle), Donald Pleasance (Halloween), Peter Cushing (Star Wars), Robert Carradine (Revenge of the Nerds), Jay North (Dennis the Menace), Robert Reed (The Brady Bunch) and so many more!
Absolution  (1978)           Richard Burton

African Safari  (1968)      Ron Shanin

Alien Contamination  (1981)       Ian McCulloch

Alien Species  (1996)      Charles Napier

Alien Zone  (1978)           John Ericson

All the Kind Strangers  (1974)     Stacy Keach

Almost Hollywood  (1994)           India Allen

The Alpha Incident  (1977)           Ralph Meeker

Atomic Rulers of the World  (1964)         Ken Utsui

The Babysitter  (1969)    Patricia Wymer

The Beach Girls  (1982)  Debra Blee

Beast from Haunted Cave  (1959)             Michael Forrest

Best Friends  (1975)        Richard Hatch

The Big Fight  (1972)       Roc Tien

Black Cobra (1987)           Fred Williamson

Black Cobra 2  (1988)      Fred Williamson

Black Cobra 3  (1990)      Fred Williamson

Black Fist  (1975)              Richard Lawson

The Black Godfather  (1974)        Rod Perry

Black Hooker  (1974)      Sandra Alexander

Blood Mania  (1970)       Peter Carpenter

Blood of Dracula's Castle  (1969)               John Carradine

Bloodlust  (1959)              Robert Reed

Blue Money  (1972)        Alain Patrick

Brain Twisters  (1991)    Terry Londeree

The Brave Lion  (1978)            Wei Tzi Yung

Breakout from Oppression  (1978)           Lona Chang

Burnout  (1979)                 Mark Schneider

Carnival of Crime  (1962)              Jean-Pierre Aumont

Cave Girl  (1985)               Daniel Roebuck

Chain Gang Women  (1972)        Barbara Mills

Chase Step by Step  (1982)          Chee Kung

Cindy and Donna  (1971)               Debbie Osborne

City Ninja  (1986)             Michael Chan

Click: The Calendar Girl Killer  (1990)      Troy Donahue

Coach  (1978)     Cathy Lee Crosby

Count Dracula and His Vampire Bride  (1974)      Christopher Lee

Counterblast  (1948)       Robert Beatty

Country Blue  (1973)       Dub Taylor

The Crater Lake Monster  (1977)               Richard Cardella

Craze  (1974)      Jack Palance

The Creeping Terror  (1964)        Vic Savage

Dangerous Charter  (1962)           Chris Warfield

Day of the Panther  (1988)           Edward John Stazak

The Day the Sky Exploded  (1958)             Paul Huschmid

Deadly Duo  (1971)          David Chiang                            

Death Machines  (1976)                Ron Marchini

Death Rage  (1976)          Yul Brynner

Death Riders  (1976)       Bud Boerma

Death Warmed Up  (1984)           Michael Hurst

Deathrow Gameshow  (1987)     John McCafferty

The Devil's Hand  (1962)               Robert Alda

The Disappearance of Flight 412  (1974)                Glenn Ford

Don't Look in the Basement  (1973)         Rosie Holotik

Doomsday Machine  (1972)                Grant Williams

Embryo  (1976)                  Rock Hudson

End of the World  (1977)      Christopher Lee

Escape From Hell Island                 (1963)                 Mark Stevens

Eternal Evil  (1985)          Winston Rekert

Evil Brain From Outer Space  (1956)         Ken Utsui

Fighting Mad  (1978)      Leon Isaac Kennedy

The Firing Line  (1991)   Reb Brown

Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe  (1940)      Buster Crabbe

Fleshburn  (1984)             Steve Kanaly

Four Robbers  (1987)      Shek Hon

The Four Shaolin Challengers  (1977)              Bruce Leung

French Quarter  (1978)                  Virginia Mayo

The Fury of the Wolf Man  (1972)             Paul Naschy

Galaxina  (1980)               Dorothy Stratten

Going Steady  (1979)      Yftach Katzur

Good Against Evil  (1977)             Dack Rambo

The Guy from Harlem  (1977)     Loye Hawkins

The Guy with the Secret Kung Fu  (1981)               Meng Fei

Hands of Death  (1987)                  Roc Tien

The Head Hunter  (1983)              Chow Yun Fat

The Hearse  (1980)          Trish Van Devere

Hell on Wheels  (1967) Marty Robbins

The Hellcats  (1967)                 Ross Hagen

Horror High  (1974)         Pat Cardi

Horror of the Zombies  (1974)    Maria Perschy

The Hostage  (1967)        Harry Dean Stanton

Hot Target  (1985)            Simone Griffeth

House of the Living Dead  (1973)              Mark Burns

Hunk  (1987)      John Allen Nelson

Hustler Squad  (1976)    Lynda Sinclaire

I Eat Your Skin  (1964)    William Joyce

I Wonder Who's Killing Her Now?  (1976)            Bob Dishy

Idaho Transfer  (1973)                    Keith Carradine

Image of Bruce Lee  (1978)          Bruce Li

The Impossible Kid  (1982)          Weng-Weng

In Hot Pursuit  (1977)     Bob Watson

Indian Paint  (1965)         Johnny Crawford

Infernal Street  (1973)   Yiu Tin-Lung

Invasion of the Bee Girls  (1973)  William Smith

Iron Angel  (1964)            Jim Davis

The Island Monster  (1954)          Boris Karloff

Jive Turkey  (1974)          Paul Harris

Jocks  (1986)       Scott Strader

Karate Kids USA  (1980)                 Charles Lane

Katie's Passion (1975)                   Rutger Hauer

The Kidnapping of the President  (1980)               William Shatner

Killpoint  (1984)                Richard Roundtree

Kung Fu Arts  (1980)        Carter Wong

Kung Fu Kids Break Away  (1980)              Wang Ye Leung

Land of the Minotaur  (1976)      Donald Pleasence

Las Vegas Lady  (1975)                   Stella Stevens

Lena's Holiday  (1991)                   Felicity Waterman

Liar's Moon  (1982)         Matt Dillon

Little Laura and Big John  (1973)                Karen Black

Low Blow  (1986)              Cameron Mitchell

Lurkers  (1988)                  Christine Moore

Mad Dog  (1977)               Helmut Berger

Madmen of Mandoras  (1963)    Walter Stocker

Malibu Beach  (1978)     Kim Lankford

Manhunt in Space  (1954)            Richard Crane

The Manipulator  (1971)               Mickey Rooney

Medusa (1973)         George Hamilton

The Mistress of Atlantis  (1932)                 Brigitte Helm

Moon of the Wolf  (1972)            David Janssen

The Murder Mansion  (1972)      Evelyn Stewart

My Chauffeur  (1986)     Deborah Foreman

My Mom's A Werewolf  (1989)                 Susan Blakely

My Tutor  (1983)               Caren Kaye

Nabonga  (1944)               Buster Crabbe

Night Club  (1989)            Nicholas Hoppe

Night Fright  (1968)         John Agar

Nightmare in Wax  (1969)            Cameron Mitchell

The Nightmare Never Ends  (1980)          Cameron Mitchell

Nine Deaths of the Ninja  (1985)               Sho Kosugi

Ninja Champion  (1985)            Bruce Baron

Ninja Death I  (1987)       Lo Yiu

Ninja Death II  (1987)     Lo Yiu

Ninja Death III  (1987)    Lo Yiu

Ninja Empire  (1990)       Mike Abbott

Ninja Heat  (1988)           Chan Sheng

The Patriot  (1986)           Gregg Henry

Pick-up  (1975)                  Jill Senter

The Pink Angels  (1971)         John Alderman

Policewomen  (1974)     Sondra Currie

The Pom Pom Girls  (1976)          Robert Carradine

Prehistoric Women  (1950)         Laurette Luez

Prime Evil  (1988)             William Beckwith

Prisoners of the Lost Universe  (1984)                    Richard Hatch

Radio Ranch  (1940)        Gene Autry

Rattlers  (1976)                 Sam Chew

The Real Bruce Lee  (1973)           Bruce Lee

Return of the Kung Fu Dragon  (1976)     Sing Chen

Road to Nashville  (1967)             Marty Robbins

Santee  (1973)                   Glenn Ford

Satan's Slave  (1976)       Michael Gough

Savage Journey  (1983)                  Richard Moll

Savage Weekend  (1976)              Christopher Allport

Scorpion  (1986)               Tony Tulleners

Secret File: Hollywood  (1962)   Robert Clarke

Separate Ways  (1981)   Karen Black

The Severed Arm  (1973)              Deborah Walley

Sextette  (1978)                Mae West

Shadow Ninja  (1983)     Steve Tung Wai

Shadow of Chinatown  (1936)    Bela Lugosi

Shaolin Deadly Kicks  (1977)       Dorian Tan

Shaolin Temple  (1976)                 Shu Feng

Shock  (1946)     Vincent Price

The Sidehackers  (1969)                                Ross Hagen

The Silencer       (1992)       Lynette Walden

Single Room Furnished  (1968)  Jayne Mansfield

The Sister-in-Law  (1974)              John Savage

The Skydivers  (1963)     Kevin Casey

The Snake, The Tiger, The Crane  (1975)                                Carter Wong

Snowbeast  (1977)           Bo Svenson

Spare Parts  (1979)          Jutta Speidel

The Specialist  (1975)     Adam West

Spirits of Bruce Lee  (1980)          Michael Chan

Stanley  (1972)  Chris Robinson

Star Odyssey  (1979)       Yanti Somer

The Stepmother  (1972)                                Catherine Justice

Superchick  (1973)           Joyce Jillson

The Teacher  (1974)        Jay North

Terrified  (1963)               Rod Lauren

Terror  (1978)     John Nolan

Terror at the Red Wolf Inn  (1972)            Linda Gillen

Terror in the Jungle  (1968)         Robert Burns

Throw Out the Anchor  (1974)    Richard Egan

Tiger Love  (1977)            Hu Chin

TNT Jackson  (1974)         Jeanne Bell

Tomboy  (1985)                 Betsy Russell

Top Cop  (1990)                 Stephen P. Sides

Trauma  (1978)                  Fabio Testi

Treasure of Tayopa  (1974)          Rena Winters

Trip With the Teacher  (1975)     Zalman King

The Van  (1977)                 Danny De Vito

Van Nuys Blvd.  (1979)   Bill Adler

The Virgin Queen of St. Francis High  (1987)        Joseph R. Straface

Voodoo Black Exorcist  (1973)    Fernando Sancho

Weapons of Death  (1981)           Eric Lee

Weekend Pass  (1984)   Chip McAllister

Weekend With the Babysitter  (1971)    George E. Carey

The Wild Rebels  (1967)                                Steve Alaimo

Wild Riders  (1971)         Alex Rocco

The Wild Women of Wongo  (1958)                                Jean Hawkshaw

Yellow Hair and the Fortress of Gold  (1984)       Laurene Landon

The Young Graduates  (1971)     Tom Stewart