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Dangerous Babes - 12 Movie Collection


Dangerous Babes

12 Movie Collection

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John Savage, Virginia Mayo, Karen Black, Mae West, Barbara Mills
Troy Donahue, Bruce Davison, Mark Lenard, Timothy Dalton, Tony Curtis
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17 Hours 54 Minutes
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Region 0
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Mill Creek Entertainment
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Dangerous Babes - 12 Movie Collection
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Announcing a dozen more cult favorites and hard-to-find cinematic classics culminated for this truly unique set of flicks from the incomparable Crown International Pictures!

These 12 locked and loaded movies will have you convinced never mess with a Dangerous Babe! With an explosive mix of chemistry, intrigue and danger these 12 sizzling action-adventures will have you addicted from the start.

Extremely rare and hard-to-find films including two movies making their DVD debut!


Disc 1

Side A

The Sister-in-Law
Starring John Savage, Anne Saxon, Meredith Baer
(1974) Color Rated R
In this drama, the career of an aspiring singer is threatened when he is drawn into the drug-smuggling organization run by his brother and his brother's seductive wife.

Noon Sunday
Starring Mark Lenard, John Russell, Linda Avery, Keye Luke
(1975) Color Not Rated
The first feature film made on the island of Guam, this is an explosive, suspense-filled story about a couple of mercenaries assigned to assassinate two guerrilla leaders on the island. The mercenaries find themselves caught in the middle when both sides of the conflict decide to target them for murder.

Side B

Weekend with the Babysitter
Starring George E. Carey, Susan Romen, James Almanzar
(1971) Color Rated R
A woman leaves to take her son on a weekend trip when the babysitter Candy arrives at the home after their gone. While the wife and son are out of town, Candy decides to teach the movie director husband the ways of hippies, bikers, free love and drugs. The husband learns this new lifestyle pales in comparison to the love he had for his wife.

Yellow Hair & the Fortress of Gold
Starring Laurene Landon, Ken Roberson, John Ghaffari
(1984) Color Rated R
A thrilling and dangerous adventure about a beautiful half-breed, Yellow Hair, and her sidekick, The Pecos Kid, as they try to capture a fortune in ancient Mayan gold...and avoid their greedy, murderous enemies who will stop at nothing for the prize!

Disc 2

Side A

French Quarter
Starring Virginia Mayo, Bruce Davison, Alisha Fontaine
(1978) Color Rated R
After her father passes away, a young woman heads to New Orleans to seek her future and discovers something about her past. After securing a job as a stripper, the young woman drinks an elixir that transports her to a past life as a young bordello worker. This past life has many surprising twists and turns, with strange connections to her real life.

Night Club
Starring Nicholas Hoppe, Elizabeth Kaitan, Peter Jurasik
(1989) Color Rated R
A man purchases an old warehouse with the intent to convert it into a nightclub. Unfortunately, the man faces major problems in the form of the mobsters he borrowed money from, his wife who tires of his failures and the city council that opposes the business. With all of these obstacles opposing him, our would-be entrepreneur strives to complete his dream in spite of his problems.

Side B

Separate Ways
Starring Karen Black, Tony LoBianco, David Naughton, Sybil Danning
(1981) Color Rated R
A married couple living what appears to be the idyllic life in the suburbs is actually faced with a crumbling marriage due to their infidelity. Faced with a failing business and possibly a dissolving household, this couple must see if they can truly hold their family together or be faced with each of them going their separate ways.

Hot Target
Starring Simone Griffeth, Steve Marachuk, Bryan Marshall
(1985) Color Rated R
At first glance, Christine Webber would seem to be a woman who has everything. The wife of a successful New Zealand businessman, Christine is beautiful, sophisticated and stylish - the perfect wife and mother. But under the surface, Christine is also trapped by the very 'perfection' of her life. A chance encounter with an American thief offers the opportunity for some excitement in her otherwise boring life.

Disc 3

Side A

Blue Money
Starring Alain Patrick, Barbara Mills, Inga Maria
(1972) Color Rated R
Jim and Lisa are happily married and seem to have everything they could ever dream of, including a beautiful child. But Jim's profession as an adult film director threatens his happy life when the police begin a crack-down on the pornography industry and he has an affair with one of his starlets. Jim's life begins to spiral out of control all while he desperately tries to hold onto his family.

Starring Mae West, Timothy Dalton, George Hamilton, Tony Curtis, Dom DeLuise, Ringo Starr
(1978) Color Rated PG
Based on Mae West's Broadway stage hit, this is the story of an American sex symbol whose wedding night (to her 6th husband) becomes a comedy of errors with the intrusion of the bride's former spouses. One former spouse threatens to hinder an international conference unless he can have one more night with her, plus some details of the new bride’s past may come to light that could embarrass her former husbands and lovers.

Side B

The Virgin Queen of St. Francis High
Starring Joseph R. Straface, Stacy Christensen, J.T. Wotton
(1987) Color Rated PG
A shy and insecure student makes a $2,000.00 bet with St. Francis High's “Big Man on Campus” that he can deflower the most popular girl in school and ends up falling madly in love with her in the process. The girl begins to have feelings as well for her pursuer but can the truth behind his motives drive these two would-be lovers apart?

Click: The Calendar Girl Killer
Starring Troy Donahue, Ross Hagen, Hoke Howell
(1990) Color Not Rated
This suspenseful tale takes place in the world of high fashion photography, where a psychotic killer stalks the models who have gathered at a photographer's remote ranch. As the bodies begin to appear, the depravity in which the victims were murder indicates a twisted and sadistic mind. The remaining models and the photographer must protect themselves at all costs, while wondering if the killer is one of them or some stranger who is butchering them.