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Captive Comedies - 8 Movie Collection


Captive Comedies

8 Movie Collection

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Action, Comedy
Harrison Ford, Marlon Brando, Bruce Willis, Chevy Chase
Jack Palance, Alicia Silverstone, Joshua Jackson, Sarah Jessica Parker
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13 hr 6 min
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Region 1
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Mill Creek Entertainment
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Captive Comedies - 8 Movie Collection
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Hilarious Comedy Adventures!

This arrestingly funny collection of crime capers features 8 outrageous hit movies starring Harrison Ford, Bruce Willis, Matthew Broderick, Chevy Chase, Alicia Silverstone, Sarah Jessica Parker, Marlon Brando and many more!

Hollywood Homicide

A pair of detectives investigate the murder of a rap group while pursuing their other full-time professions. Welcome to Hollywood Homicide - the only profession where a guy can come to work hungry, horny, thirsty, and broke, and resolve all four by the end of the watch. - Ford just gets better, more distilled, more laconic and more gruffly likeable..Roger Ebert/Chicago Sun-Times

Hudson Hawk

An ex-cat burglar (Bruce Willis) sets out to steal a series of priceless artifacts in this globe-spanning caper. - Bruce Willis is part James Bond, part Cary Grant and part Buster Keaton..Washington Post/Hal Hinson

The Freshman

After starting his first year of film school in New York City, Clark Kellogg meets Carmine “Jimmy the Toucan” Sabatini. When Sabatini makes Clark an offer he can't refuse, he finds himself caught up in a dilemma involving endangered species and fine dining. -'s a brilliant comic masterstroke.Roger Ebert/Chicago Sun-Times

Cops and Robbersons

Chevy Chase (Community, TV Series), Jack Palance (City Slickers) and Dianne Wiest (The Odd Life of Timothy Green) star in the comedy caper about a mild-mannered accountant whose dreams of being a super-cop come hilariously to life. In the pursuit of a dangerous counterfeiter, grizzled cop Jack Stone (Palance) convinces a suburban family to let him use their home for an extended stakeout. But this “typical” family is anything but, with a prat-falling father (Chase) whose cop show obsession endangers the whole operation. Reuniting the director and star of Fletch, Cops & Robbersons combines fast-moving farce, sight gags and physical comedy for arresting entertainment. - “This is a funny movie! It’s hysterical…a lot of laughs.” Larry King, CNN

Lone Star State of Mind

Joshua Jackson (The Skulls, TV's Dawson's Creek) and Jamie King (Pearl Harbor) star in a hysterically rowdy look at small-town life and big-time trouble...deep in the heart of Texas. Also starring DJ Qualls (The New Guy, Road Trip), Matthew Davis (Blue Crush), Ryan Hurst (We Were Soldiers, Remember the Titans) and recording artist John Mellencamp (Falling From Grace). - ...the characters were not only true to life but a hoot!DVD Talk/Don Houston

Excess Baggage

A disgruntled heiress is the target of an unsuspecting car thief who is inadvertently drawn into a plot to kidnap her. Stars Alicia Silverstone. - ...interesting characters, relationships, and Berardinelli

A Fine Mess

Join the irresistible Ted Danson (two-time Emmy® winner, TV's Cheers) and the unpredictable Howie Mandel (TV's St. Elsewhere) as they find themselves in A Fine Mess. While making a movie at a racetrack, lady crazed actor, con artist, and all-around bungler Spence Holden (Danson) stumbles on two goofball thugs, Turnip (Richard Mulligan) and Binky (Stuart Margolin), doping a race horse. - much color and energy that it manages to put a smile on your Sommersby

Life Without Dick

Sarah Jessica Parker stars in this dark romantic comedy about a woman who falls in love with the hit man who was hired by her boyfriend to kill her!

Technical Specifications:

Hollywood Homicide - 

  • 2.40:1 aspect ratio
  • English 2.0 audio


Hudson Hawk - 

  • 1.85:1 aspect ratio
  • English 2.0 audio


The Freshman - 

  • 1.78:1 aspect ratio
  • English 2.0 audio


Cops And Robbersons -

  • 1.85:1 aspect ratio
  • English 2.0 audio


Lone Star State of Mind - 

  • 2.35:1 aspect ratio
  • English 2.0 audio


Excess Baggage - 

  • 1.85:1 aspect ratio
  • English 2.0 audio


A Fine Mess - 

  • 2.35:1 aspect ratio
  • English 2.0 audio


Life Without Dick - 

  • 1.85:1 aspect ratio
  • Englsih 2.0 audio