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B-Movie Blast - 50 Movie Pack


B-Movie Blast

50 Movies
Classic Features

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Matt Dillon, Christopher Lee, Dorothy Stratten, Harry Dean Stanton, Rock Hudson
Richard Roundtree, Cameron Mitchell, Glenn Ford, Adam West, Stella Stevens
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71 hr 30 min
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Region 1
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Mill Creek Entertainment
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B-Movie Blast - 50 Movie Pack
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Bursting With B-Movie Magic!

Brace yourself for an explosion of B-Movie mayhem with 50 doses of cult classic cinema! Thought to be some of the strangest, outrageous and straight-up weirdest films of their day, B-Movies have become an important and popular part of cinematic history. Featuring box office legends and complete unknowns, this 13 DVD collection celebrates the offbeat and bizarre world of B-Movies in one camptastic collection!

Featuring: Matt Dillon, William Shatner, Adam West, Dorothy Stratten, Rock Hudson, Christopher Lee and many more!


African Safari - (1968) - G - Ron Shanin
Almost Hollywood - (1994) - NR - India Allen
The Beach Girls - (1982) - R - Debra Blee
Brain Twisters - (1991) - NR - Terry Londeree
Burnout - (1979) - R - Mark Schneider
Cave Girl - (1985) - R - Daniel Roebuck
Coach - (1978) - PG - Cathy Lee Crosby
Dangerous Charter - (1962) - NR - Chris Warfield
Death Machines - (1976) - R - Ron Marchini
Deathrow Gameshow - (1987) - R - John McCafferty
Embryo - (1976) - PG - Rock Hudson
End of the World - (1977) - PG - Christopher Lee
Escape From Hell Island - (1963) - NR - Mark Stevens
Fleshburn - (1984) - R - Steve Kanaly
Galaxina - (1980) - R - Dorothy Stratten
Hell on Wheels - (1967) - PG - Marty Robbins
The Hell Cats - (1967) - R - Ross Hagen
The Hostage - (1967) - NR - Harry Dean Stanton
Hunk - (1987) - PG - John Allen Nelson
Indian Paint - (1965) - NR - Johnny Crawford
Iron Angel - (1964) - NR - Jim Davis
Jocks - (1986) - R - Scott Strader
The Kidnapping of the President - (1980) - R - William Shatner
Killpoint - (1984) - R - Richard Roundtree
Las Vegas Lady - (1975) - PG - Stella Stevens
Lena's Holiday - (1991) - PG-13 - Felicity Waterman
Liar's Moon - (1982) - PG - Matt Dillon
Low Blow - (1986) - R - Cameron Mitchell
My Mom's A Werewolf - (1989) - PG - Susan Blakely
My Tutor - (1983) - R - Caren Kaye
Nine Deaths of the Ninja - (1985) - R - Sho Kosugi
The Patriot - (1986) - R - Gregg Henry
Prime Evil - (1988) - R - William Beckwith
Road to Nashville - (1967) - NR - Marty Robinson
Santee - (1973) - PG - Glenn Ford
Secret File: Hollywood - (1962) - NR - Robert Clarke
The Sidehackers - (1969) - NR - Ross Hagen
The Silencer - (1992) - R - Lynette Walden
The Skydivers - (1963) - NR - Kevin Casey
The Specialist - (1975) - R - Adam West
Stanley - (1972) - PG - Chris Robinson
Superchick - (1973) - R - Joyce Jillson
Terror - (1978) - R - John Nolan
Terror in the Jungle - (1968) - NR - Robert Burns
Tomboy - (1985) - R - Betsy Russell
Top Cop - (1990) - NR - Stephen P. Sides,
Weekend Pass - (1984) - R - Chip McAllister
The Wild Rebels - (1967) - R - Steve Alaimo
Wild Riders - (1971) - R - Alex Rocco
The Young Graduates - (1971) - PG - Tom Stewart


Disc 1 - Side A
Starring Chris Robinson, Alex Rocco, Steve Alaimo
(1972) Color Rated PG

Sizzling with suspense and action, this dramatic story is about an embittered Vietnam veteran who retreats from society into the Florida Everglades and becomes inseparable companions with a pet rattlesnake...a pet he teaches to kill on command!

Starring John Nolan, Carolyn Courage, James Aubrey
(1978) Color Rated R

A horror-filled study of supernatural forces and their powers, this tense drama is about a witch who curses her executioner’s heir and his close friends with gruesome deaths for burning her alive at the stake.

Disc 1 - Side B
Prime Evil
Starring William Beckwith, Christine Moore, Mavis Harris
(1988) Color Rated R

Set in present day New York City, this supernatural thriller follows the lives of a sect of monks, which - through human sacrifice for the Devil - has achieved immortality and is still wreaking havoc today.

Brain Twisters
Starring Terry Londeree, Farrah Forke, Joe Lombardo
(1991) Color Not Rated

A mad, sci-fi thriller about an experiment in computer-generated mind control that goes out of control...and the body count is building!

Disc 2 - Side A
Cave Girl
Starring Daniel Roebuck, Cynthia Thompson, Darren Young
(1985) Color Rated R

In search of the perfect woman, a bumbling anthropology student accidently travels back in time, 25,000 years, and meets his dream woman...a beautiful cave girl. But she quickly makes it clear he must use all of his modern-day wiles if he is to win her love.

Starring Cathy Lee Crosby Michael Biehn, Keenan Wynn
(1978) Color Rated R

A young, blonde and beautiful woman is hired to coach a team of underachieving basketball players and against all odds, leads them to victory.

Disc 2 - Side B
Starring Scott Strader, Perry Lang, Mariska Hargitay
(1986) Color Rated R

When an odd-ball tennis team of a Los Angeles college sets out on a road trip to a regional college tennis tournament in fun filled Las Vegas, all the stops are out and literally anything goes both on and off the court.

My Tutor
Starring Caren Kaye, Matt Lattanzi, Kevin McCarthy
(1983) Color Rated R

When a high-school senior flunks his French final, his parents hire the best French tutor in town to help him pass a make-up exam. But after a short time with his warm, beautiful tutor, he's got more on his mind than collegiate affairs!

Disc 3 - Side A
The Beach Girls
Starring Debra Blee, Val Kline, Jeana Tomasina
(1982) Color Rated R

A coming-of-age story about a bookish young woman who, while on summer vacation with her friends, changes from a bespectacled bookworm to a femme fatale.

Starring John Allen Nelson, Deborah Shelton, James Coco
(1987) Color Rated PG

A devilish tale about an ordinary guy who is visited by a beautiful apparition promising him popularity and drop-dead good looks in exchange for his soul. Transformed overnight into a hunk, he soon discovers there may be hell to pay for his new lifestyle!

Disc 3 - Side B
Starring Betsy Russell, Gerard Christopher, Kristi Somers
(1985) Color Rated R

A budding female race-car driver finally meets her racing idol and unbelievably they fall in love...a love that is quickly put to the test when, having received the chance to show her racing talents, the two find themselves in a race for a multi-million dollar sponsorship contract.

Weekend Pass
Starring Chip McAllister, D.W. Brown, Phil Hartman
(1984) Color Rated R

A fun-filled tale following the antics of four sailors on a 72-hour liberty pass in Los Angeles, all seeking fun, love and success...each getting a lesson the Navy could never have taught!

Disc 4 - Side A
The Wild Rebels
Starring Steve Alaimo, Willie Pastrano, Bobbie Byers
(1967) Color Rated R

This action-packed biker film is about a former stock-car racer who joins the police department and infiltrates the Satan's Angels motorcycle gang to stop a bank robbery by the malevolent trio of bikers bent on terrorizing South Florida.

Hell On Wheels
Starring Marty Robbins, John Ashley, Robert Dornan
(1967) Color Rated PG

High action, great music - a thrilling story about two brothers who survive the perils of stock car racing, a kidnapping and an intense sibling rivalry to become loving brothers and racing phenomenons! Starring and featuring music by Marty Robbins, Connie Smith and more!

Disc 4 - Side B
The Sidehackers
Starring Ross Hagen, Diane McBain, Hoke Howell, Michael Pataki
(1969) Color Rated PG

A thrilling, suspenseful story about the exciting sport of Sidehacking and the gutsy, dangerous rides the racers of the three-wheel vehicles take to impress their women and themselves!

Dangerous Charter
Starring Chris Warfield, Sally Frazer, Richard Foote, Peter Forster
(1962) Color Rated PG

Mystery, intrigue and death ride the high seas in this suspense filled adventure about a desperate criminal and a strange cargo on a shattering voyage into the unknown.

Disc 5 - Side A
The Hellcats
Starring Ross Hagen, Dee Duffy, Sharyn Kinzie
(1967) Color Rated R

Viciousness, brutality, excitement, honesty and love are all a part of this fast-paced, action-packed film about female motorcycle gangs...the first of its kind.

Death Machines
Starring Ron Marchini, Michael Chong, Joshua Jackson
(1976) Color Rated R

Three expert martial artists are injected with a mind-controlling drug that turns them into zombie-like unstoppable killers and are sent out to do the bidding of a mob boss. When the mob boss sends the trio to a martial arts academy, they end up wiping out the entire school, save for one man. The survivor of the massacre vows to avenge his classmates and trainers by tracking down the three killers and the man responsible for ordering the killings.

Disc 5 - Side B
Starring Mark Schneider, Robert Louden, John Zenda
(1979) Color Rated R

A troubled teenager, whose sole desire is to become a great drag racer, almost ruins his own dreams when he spurns his dad's racing advice. But support from his girlfriend enables him to prove his abilities to the racing world, his father and himself.

Wild Riders
Starring Alex Rocco, Elizabeth Knowles, Sherry Bain
(1971) Color Rated R

What starts out as an evening with a pair of bad boy bikers turns into several days of torment for a pair of unsuspecting women in this suspense-filled thriller.

Disc 6 - Side A
Lena’s Holiday
Starring Felicity Waterman, Chris Lemmon, Nick Mancuso, Pat Morita
(1991) Color Rated PG-13

A beautiful girl from East Germany (Felicity Waterman) is about to take a badly needed dream vacation to Los Angeles, but things go haywire when her bag is switched at the airport and her plans are all awry! Without warning, she finds herself in the midst of a Hollywood-style adventure filled with action, suspense and a hint of romance.

Las Vegas Lady
Starring Stella Stevens, Stuart Whitman, Andrew Stevens
(1975) Color Rated PG

Gambling, heists, love and intrigue are all a part of this suspense-filled comedy about a female gang that plans a daring caper in the gambling capital of the world, Las Vegas.

Disc 6 - Side B
Starring Joyce Jillson, John Carradine, Louis Quinn
(1973) Color Rated R

Tara B. True is the airline hostess with the mostest. While at work she affects the demeanor of a rather introverted, serious stewardess, but as soon as the plane lands, she doffs her mousy brown wig and turns into a blonde bombshell with a black belt in karate who, when not fighting crime, seeks to satisfy her hunger for manly affection.

Starring Dorothy Stratten, Stephen Macht, Avery Schreiber
(1980) Color Rated R

This beloved sci-fi parody chronicles the adventures of the starship Infinity where Captain Cornelius Butt finds himself playing mommy to a baby alien while handsome crewman Thor falls in love with the beautiful robot pilot Galaxina and tries to turn her into a real woman. This adventure/comedy/sci-fi hybrid stars the beautiful Dorothy Stratten, whose tragic death has made her become a cult fixture.

Disc 7 - Side A
Liar’s Moon
Starring Matt Dillon, Cindy Fisher, Hoyt Axton, Yvonne De Carlo
(1982) Color Rated PG

Against the wishes of both families, a poor boy and a wealthy banker's daughter elope, only to discover that their immaturity and incompatibility may be the downfall of their relationship.

The Kidnapping of the President
Starring William Shatner, Ava Gardner, Hal Holbrook, Van Johnson
(1980) Color Rated R

Based on the novel by Charles Templeton, a secret service chief (Shatner) leads a game of cat and mouse when a gang of third-world terrorists kidnap the President in this taut, political story about corruption and deceit in the nation's capital.

Disc 7 - Side B
The Young Graduates
Starring Tom Stewart, Patricia Wymer, Bruno Kirby
(1971) Color Rated PG

Reflecting the humor and problems of the 'love generation', this is the story of high school graduates, who are eager to grow up and experience life, find themselves involved in adventures they'd rather live without.

Road to Nashville
Starring Marty Robbins, Johnny Cash, Kitty Wells, Waylon Jennings
(1967) Color Not Rated

The biggest country music jamboree ever filmed, this musical adventure is the story of a Hollywood production company shooting a country music film in Nashville. Though an inept assistant is left to hire the talent, mistakes are survived and a show featuring 60 great stars singing 38 smash hits is produced!

Disc 8 - Side A
Indian Paint
Starring Johnny Crawford, Jay Silverheels, Pat Hogan
(1965) Color Rated G

A heart-warming story about an Indian boy who raises a wild colt and in the course of their many perilous adventures the boy and the colt become separated from the tribe. Months pass before they return to the home campfires, forcing the boy to learn valuable lessons of survival, love and life.

African Safari
Starring Ron Shanin and Narrated by Michael Rye
(1968) Color Rated G

A true story, this is an engrossing, intriguing look at the exciting and sometimes hair-raising adventures of animal collector Ron Shanin, as he travels through Central and East Africa.

Disc 8 - Side B
Starring Glenn Ford, Dana Wynter, Michael Burns
(1973) Color Rated PG

A bold, powerful, yet decidedly off-beat story about a dedicated bounty hunter - half lawman, half desperado - whose main mission in life centers on tracking down outlaws with high prices on their heads.

The Specialist
Starring Adam West, John Anderson, Ahna Capri
(1975) Color Rated R

A beautiful woman, whose distinct talent is seducing men, is planted on a jury by a wealthy, old-fashioned, influential man to help him intimidate the opposing attorney and win the case.

Disc 9 - Side A
Deathrow Gameshow
Starring John McCafferty, Debra Lamb, Robyn Blythe
(1987) Color Rated R

The pretentious host of a game show, in which the contestants are actual death row inmates, finds his life in danger when a mafia hit-man seeks revenge for the game show death of his family member.

My Mom’s a Werewolf
Starring Susan Blakely, John Saxon, John Schuck, Marcia Wallace, Ruth Buzzi
(1989) Color Rated PG

A housewife finds herself transforming into a werewolf after a bite from a pet shop owner she meets. It seems the shop owner was a werewolf and has now passed along his curse to the housewife. The woman attempts to hide her transformations from her family until her daughter and the daughter's friend learn the secret and set out to find a cure for the housewife's curse.

Disc 9 - Side B
Almost Hollywood
Starring India Allen, Charles Rossman, Don Short
(1994) Color Not Rated

A slice-of-life of the movie business, this satire blends drama, comedy, sensuality and suspense as it illustrates the ups and downs of showbiz through the lives of a few wanna-be movers and shakers of the Hollywood film industry.

Secret File: Hollywood
Starring Robert Clarke, Maralou Gray, Francine York
(1962) Color/B&W Not Rated

A former detective accepts a job as a photographer for a scandal magazine Secret File: Hollywood and finds himself in the middle of a blackmail scheme, a suicide investigation and a frantic fight to stave off a murder...his!

Disc 10 - Side A
Starring Steve Kanaly, Sonny Landham, Karen Carlson
(1984) Color Rated R

An unstable Veteran escapes from a mental institution where he was sent by four psychiatrists after he was responsible for the deaths of some men. Looking to seek revenge upon the psychiatrists, the escaped patient begins to stalk and kill them one by one. The authorities must rush to find the former soldier before he completes his revenge.

Escape from Hell Island
Starring Mark Stevens, Jack Donner, Linda Scott
(1963) B&W Not Rated

A Florida boat captain loses his license after an attempt to smuggle some Cuban refugees resulted in a woman dying in the process. When he takes up with the wife of a jealous man, it puts him in great danger when the man charters the captain's boat with the intent to kill him while on the voyage.

Disc 10 - Side B
Starring Richard Roundtree, Leo Fong, Cameron Mitchell
(1984) Color Rated R

A police officer searching for those responsible for the rape and murder of his wife uncovers a horrifying truth behind the crime. A biker gang with automatic weapons is responsible for the murder and plan on using their acquired weapons for a crime spree. This desperate situation forces the police officer to team up with an FBI agent with the hope the two of them can stop these violent bikers.

Low Blow
Starring Cameron Mitchell, Leo Fong, Troy Donahue
(1986) Color Rated R

A private investigator is hired by a rich businessman to track down his missing daughter and return her home. The detective discovers she has become part of a religious cult that strongly protects their members from leaving. The P.I. assembles a team consisting of an ex-cop, an ex-boxer and a Vietnam vet to help him rescue the girl from the clutches of the cult.

Disc 11 - Side A
Nine Deaths of the Ninja
Starring Sho Kosugi, Brent Huff, Vijay Amritraj
(1985) Color Rated R

A busload of American tourists is taken hostage in the Philippines by a gang of drug trafficking terrorists who demand the release of one of their comrades from prison. A team of anti-terrorist agents is dispatched to reclaim the bus and take down the terrorists. Time is limited and all their martial arts skills will be needed to complete the mission before the deadline is reached!

The Patriot
Starring Gregg Henry, Leslie Nielsen, Michael J. Pollard
(1986) Color Rated R

A bitter ex-Navy SEAL finds he is the only thing between a group of international terrorists and world destruction. Our former Vietnam veteran discovers a nuclear weapons smuggling operation and must put a stop to it before the bombs fall into the wrong hands. It will take a little luck and all of his military training for our hero to defeat the international terrorists.

Disc 11 - Side B
Top Cop
Starring Stephen P. Sides, Len Schlientz, Tiffany Dossey
(1990) Color Not Rated

A city finds it is in the grips of a ruthless drug kingpin with little hope of any respite. A cop with an unorthodox style loses his partner after he is murdered by the drug lord's henchmen. Tired of the corruption and strife the criminals have brought to the city, our cop takes on the drug lord with the hopes of cleaning up the town and avenging his partner's death.

The Silencer
Starring Lynette Walden, Chris Mulkey, Morton Downey Jr.
(1992) Color Rated R

A professional hit woman battles her vices and her enemies while tracking down the members of a child prostitution ring. Hoping to settle down with her new man and leave her combative lifestyle behind, the hit woman is called back to service for one last assignment. Complicating this final mission is an assassin looking to eliminate her once and for all!

Disc 12 - Side A
Iron Angel
Starring Jim Davis, Don Red Berry, Margo Woode
(1964) B&W Not Rated

This Korean War story centers upon a squad of soldiers assigned to destroy a mortar position defending a vital road into enemy territory. Battling enemy troops as well as each other, our soldiers work their way closer to their objective and further into danger. Our fighters will have to put aside their differences and come together if they are to succeed in their mission and come out of it alive.

The Hostage
Starring Harry Dean Stanton, John Carradine, Don O'Kelly
(1967) Color Not Rated

A young boy stumbles onto a bad situation when he takes a ride in the back of a moving van and ends up witnessing two criminals disposing of a body. The criminals soon discover the young boy and look to think of what to do with him, while his parents frantically begin a search for the missing lad. Will the parents find their son in time before the crazed criminals decide to eliminate the young witness to their crime?

Disc 12 - Side B
Terror In The Jungle
Starring Robert Burns, Jimmy Angle Jr., Joan Addis
(1968) Color Not Rated

A plane flying over the Amazon crashes into the untamed jungle, killing everyone on board except for a young boy who was traveling alone to visit his mother. A tribe of natives discover the boy and brings him to their village, where they revere him due to his golden hair. As the high priest plans to sacrifice the lad in order to appease the gods worshipped by the natives, the boy's father desperately searches the jungle for him.

The Skydivers
Starring Kevin Casey, Eric Tomlin, Marcia Knight
(1963) B&W Not Rated

The owner of a skydiving business finds his life and his livelihood in jeopardy all due to his affair with another woman. The mistress becomes jealous of the owner's wife and plots to bring his marriage and business to ruin. With his own wife also cheating on him, the owner's actions bring him ever closer to danger!

Disc 13
Starring Rock Hudson, Barbara Carrera, Diane Ladd
(1976) Color Rated PG

A research scientist is experimenting with human DNA in an attempt to create the perfect human being. His work has made it to the point where he can take a human fetus and accelerate its growth to that of an adult within a few days. His latest creation is a beautiful woman, but side effects from the process turn the woman into a deranged killer.

End of the World
Starring Christopher Lee, Sue Lyon, Kirk Scott, Lew Ayres
(1977) Color Rated PG

A scientist discovers signals from space that appear to carry information concerning a series of seemingly unrelated natural disasters, occurring across the globe. Hoping to discover the source of these signals and who’s behind them, the scientist and his wife set out on a trek to locate the intended recipient of the signals. What the couple eventually discovers is a small remote convent with occupants who are not really who they appears to be.